Why do Washington and Ankara oppose the Liberation of Idlib?


The Syrian Army is preparing for the final battle against the last terrorist stronghold in Idlib province. However, the US and its Western allies, as well as Turkey, oppose the operation.

In the zone in question there are still several very heterogeneous rebel groups. The main force is represented by the al-Nusra Front, a terrorist organization associated with al-Qaeda .

For the Syrian military and its allies, the release of Idlib is a crucial task that could end seven years of war. Meanwhile, Washington and Ankara take a slightly different approach. Turkey considers Idlib as an area of ​​its interest, especially after establishing four observation posts in the area.

Why is Turkey against the military operation in Idlib?

Currently in the Syrian jihadist-held province of Idlib live more than three million people, and a large-scale offensive may cause a wave of refugees towards Turkey, which already houses millions of Syrian refugees, according to Xinhua .

Turkey can no longer receive more Syrians because of the currency crisis the country is experiencing and the pressure both domestic and from the west it is suffering from. Moreover, as soon as the offensive is triggered, the Turkish military will be forced to either leave their observation posts or enter into a confrontation with the Syrian army.

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It is to be remembered that northern Aleppo is under the control of terrorist groups controlled by Turkey. These groups are an important tool to prevent the growth of Kurdish influence near the Turkish border. As soon as the province of Idlib is liberated, the Syrian military will confront the terrorists in Aleppo.
The United States has no desire to withdraw from Syria

Likewise, after the liberation of Idlib, the Syrian military will have to expel foreign forces that are in Syrian territory without the authorization of the government. Today, the US military is helping the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to eliminate the latest ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zor, an oil-rich province. The abundance of resources in the area is also something that matters to the US.

Washington has carried out military maneuvers in Syria to show the Syrian authorities that the US remains in the country and does not plan to abandon it.

In this context, to avoid the offensive in Idlib, the US and its allies warn of possible chemical attacks in the region which they will quickly blame on Damascus, to which they are willing to respond. In addition, Western countries declare that such an offensive could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and pose a danger to civilians. The Syrian and Russian military, in turn, have opened humanitarian corridors so that the population of the province can leave the zone.

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