Why is Pro-Russian media so fixated on Britain’s obviously spurious Skripal ‘allegations?’


I have a question:

Why are RT and the Duran devoting so much energy to the British government’s Salisbury-allegations?
Why are they wasting their time by responding to the allegations SERIOUSLY?

As RT is a more populist, mass-audience medium than the Duran, it is partially understandable from RT’s editorial perspective, but in any case….

We know that the British and the Americans will continue to simply fabricate silly allegations against the Russian government and against members of Russia’s security apparatus.
And Russian people will continue to make rational arguments to defend Russia from these absurd allegations, but even these rational self-defences are falling into the trap.

I mean this on two distinct levels:
Firstly, one of the reasons why the British and Americans make baseless accusations such as these is simply for the purpose of a kind of trolling. If I fabricate lots of silly baseless accusations against another person, then I force them to deny or refute my allegations, even if everybody understands at the beginning that the allegations are absurd.
So, in other words, the main purpose of the allegations is simply to waste their time and everybody else’s time, in order to prevent SERIOUS discussion of geo-political issues from taking place.

So the real purpose of the allegations is simply to serve as a kind of obstructionist trolling, to prevent a serious discussion from taking place. It’s essentially about attempting to shut the other person’s discourse down.

Secondly, the British and Americans make these kinds of silly accusations against Russia (and against Syria) because it automatically casts them in the role of the moral arbiter. The implication is “You must PROVE TO US that you didn’t do it.”

Implicitly, they are appointing themselves as the referee, the moral arbiter.

It’s a little bit like when a woman says to a man
“I don’t trust you – I suspect that maybe you’re cheating on me.”
She already knows that he’s not cheating on her. Her accusation is just part of a power-game. She wants the man to jump through hoops, to PROVE TO HER that he’s not cheating…..
But of course, it would be categorically impossible for the man to prove it. How can a person produce proof that they’re NOT doing something?

The woman makes her allegation simply because she wants to be the moral arbiter of everything that happens in the relationship. Making silly, baseless accusations makes her feel empowered.
Her only real purpose is to emasculate the man.

So in this case, the man’s best response is NOT to deny or refute the allegations. If he tries to deny or refute the allegations, then he is simply falling into her trap. His best response is simply to answer
“I refuse to waste my time even pretending that I take these allegations seriously. This girly-game is fucking tedious. Quit wasting my time with this bullshit. Let’s talk about something serious instead.”

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So these Salisbury-allegations serve 2 central purposes:

1. Time-wasting, trolling, obfuscation of real discourse
2. Moral posturing.

By responding to these Salisbury-allegations seriously, isn’t the Duran (in particular) simply falling into the trap?
Surely it’s better to just makes jokes about Salisbury
– treat the allegations with the level of seriousness which they deserve.


From Sputnik:

Commenting on recent developments in the Skripal affair, the editor-in-chief of the Fort Russ News website, Joaquin Flores, told Sputnik that London sought to use the matter to further ramp up the UK’s participation in the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

“That is the nature of the timing of this, it is lawfare and diplomatic warfare, and economic sabotage, all to slow down Russia’s help in liberating Idlib, and to push Russia to renegotiate or be held responsible for the problems existing in the implementation of the Minsk II agreement in the Normandy Four format,” he explained.

The view of Salisbury cathedral

According to Flores, the UK will likely continue to “hold firm to their story” because “their position is based on allegations which are not available to public scrutiny.”

“UK media will say that because the two alleged agents are GRU agents, they are doing their job in playing innocent precisely to Russian ‘state run’ media, such as RT. They will say that there is no reason why customs would stop a man with lady’s perfume. They will say also that the men have essentially confessed to having a background in chemistry, since they do athletic supplement sales and distribution. They may also know how to get illegal or problematic substances in and out of Russia, because this is typical in sub-legal and grey-market areas of athletic supplements markets,” he said.

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