Why is the US Air Force in ‘Deplorable Condition’?


The US media recently wrote about the “gloomy” situation that the US Air Force is in.

The reasons for such disappointing results, according to analysts, are serious problems in the maintenance of aircraft, as well as a shortage of trained personnel, the National Interest magazine concluded. What does the Russian expert community have to say in regards to this?

Military analyst Yuri Kotenok expressed his opinion on the situation in the United States Air Force and was skeptical of the estimates of the American experts.

“These assessments that occasionally appear in the American media about the different branches of American troops and their capabilities must be considered with great caution … In fact, the US military budget exceeds the budgets of all other US military resources, which allows the United States to play the role of dictator and world gendarme,” he said.

He also explained the possible reasons for these statements.

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“With regard to assessments of some shortcomings in possible wars against potential opponents such as China and Russia, what happens is that if the organizers of such clashes realize the possibility of any retaliation … they give the alarm and spread this type of data, similar to those published by The National Interest, to correct their plans and pinpoint the exact areas where they should concentrate more effort, such as more military equipment,” he said.

In the US view, the KC-46 Pegasus is coming into operation at the right time, shifting design to aerial refueling, where an innovative Air Refueling Operator Station (AROS), which displays high definition 3D images, will allow the US Air Force to use a form of completely innovative in-flight refueling.

Recently, Boeing completed the testing and certification program for the new tanker, KC-46 Pegasus, and is approved by the FAA, the federal agency that deals with US aeronautical regulations. Now nothing can stop the KC-46 from getting into operation.

The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus is a military aircraft for in-flight refueling and air transport and was developed based on the 767 aircraft line.

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