Why would a new US military base in Poland become a threat to the entire region?


The Russian Foreign Ministry considers the possible installation of a US military base in Poland as a threat to Russia. However, for the military analyst Aleksandr Zhilin, the installation of this base could affect the security of the whole Europe.

Commenting on US President Donald Trump’s statement on the possible establishment of a military base in Poland, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that positioning that base would mean the destruction of the NATO-Russia Founding Act 1997, which directly prohibits the deployment of substantial fighting forces along the border.

Military expert and retired colonel Aleksandr Zhilin revealed why the base could pose a threat not only to Russia but also to the EU.

“We have repeatedly stated that by establishing military installations in the territory of Eastern European countries, the US eliminates the national security of these countries. Polish authorities force Russia to make some corrections,” he said.

According to the analyst, the missiles installed at the US base in Poland would take very little time to reach Russian territory, so Moscow would have to include Poland in the list of countries against which, in case of extreme threat, a pre-emptive strike is needed. For Zhilin, the installation of the US base in Poland is advantageous only to the US, not to the Polish people.

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The military expert said that if Eastern European countries continue to let Americans set up bases in their territory “they could face a critical situation when the US military machine starts operating. The tragedy is that it is very simple to launch this machine, but it is impossible to stop it,” Zhilin said.

According to him, the EU also does not like the US military presence in the region.

“It is clear that plans to set up a military base in Poland are directed against Russia, but not only against it, why, for example, are Germany or France so dubious about this plan? Betting on Poland with the help of the US could challenge the traditional leaders of Europe. This is in accordance with the permanent US principle – divide and conquer,” he explained.

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