Yemeni Resistance Delivers RIGHTEOUS RETRIBUTION Against Zio-Saudi Attackers

By Jonathan Azaziah - 



By Jonathan Azaziah –  The curses of ALLAH (SWT) be upon the monstrous regimes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The blessings of ALLAH (SWT) be upon Yemen’s righteous Resistance forces led by Ansarullah. In what amounts to yet another crime against humanity carried out by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, Kilo-16 in besieged Hudaydah was mercilessly bombed on Tuesday and at least 16 civilians were slaughtered. Dozens more were wounded and they are fighting for their lives right now in one of the many makeshift hospitals across Hudaydah, where hundreds of thousands of Yemenis are being starved to death by the US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed coalition of cowards. Following the atrocity, Ansarullahi legend and chief of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee in Sanaa Muhammad Ali al-Houthi said that the invaders’ attack was dangerously close to warehouses of humanitarian relief supplies and told them to beware of any further maneuvers.

His warning proved to be like a prognostication as yesterday morning, that’s exactly what the Dönmeh Saudi dictatorship hit next: Mills and silos of the World Food Program, first bombed by the Wahhabi despots’ warplanes and then shelled by their mercenaries. So not only are the Yemenis of Hudaydah being blockaded from all sides but now whatever little aid they’re receiving is being deliberately targeted by the Saudi aggressors. And the American ZOG has the goddamn audacity to say that these monstrous lunatics are “taking every precaution” to protect civilians? We spit on their lies.

The Saudi-Emirati murderers weren’t staging random punitive attacks on Kilo-16 however. They used these obscenities as a springboard to launch a new offensive with the goal of entrenching themselves in a strategic area of Hudaydah. More than 70 air strikes were launched on Kilo-16–a move that can only be described as carpet bombing. The sheer volume of the raids allowed Al-Saud and Al-Nahyan to temporarily take control of the district for a little over 3 hours.Wahhabi-Takfiri victory dances began across social media, lauding the “defeat” of the “Iranian-backed Houthi militia”. Hateful, sectarian fools.

What was actually happening was merely the Yemeni Islamic Resistance waiting in the wind to implement the payback. And implement the payback Yemen’s guardians did, masha’ALLAH. Enraged by the enormity of the abuses and fueled by the spirit of Imam Hussein (A.S.) as we are right in the middle of Muharram, the Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah popped out from surprise positions and let off massive artillery barrages at the Yazid(L.A.)-and-Shimr(L.A.)-like GCC autocrats. At least 8 US-provided Oshkosh Corporation armored vehicles were destroyed in the Saba Mouqawamah’s counterattack and at least 21 pieces of machinery were captured. The chaos was immense as the Western-Zionist gangs had no idea where the Resistance’s fire was coming from.

NATO-GCC occupation forces were falling one after another like dead birds from polluted skies. Well over 80 invaders, including commanders from the Saudi and Emirati ZOGs, were scorched and sent to the hellfire. More than 100 others were critically wounded. The Kilo-16 invasion force was so disheveled that they withdrew from the territory without even retrieving the bodies of their dead. Cowardice on top of cowardice; spinelessness on top of spinelessness.

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Ansarullah never lets a single martyr’s blood go unavenged. And the triumph over the Saudi-Emirati oppressors in Kilo-16 is the latest proof of this unequivocal truth. This is most especially the case when the US-‘Israeli’ Empire commits such abuses during a time that is holy and dear to Islamic hearts, that of Muharram, particularly its first ten days culminating in Ashoura when the Karbala 72 were slaughtered by Yazid (L.A.)–the point of emulation for Riyadh and Abu Dhabi–in 680.

The Houthiyeen, as a Shi’a Islamic Liberationist movement that holds steadfastly to the Qur’anic Culture and Al-Sarkha launched by Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), take this very seriously. In their eyes, a crime against Yemen’s people–who love Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) so much you can see it in their auras and have an extraordinary level of Karbala Consciousness–in the throes of Ashoura, is a crime against Imam Hussein (A.S.); a crime against Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.); a crime against Lady Zaynab (A.S.); and a crime against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) himself.

Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah famously called Yemen the most oppressed nation on Earth and also compared it to Karbala, as it is not only the sight of murdered men, women and children, scattered body parts, tragedy, sadness and tears but also a civilization of warriors who exemplify enthusiasm, courage, steadfastness, heroism, chivalry and the total rejection of surrender.Indeed, Yemen is the Karbala of today alongside Palestine’s Gaza and Nigeria’s Zaria.

Zaydi-Husseini Ansarullah’s vengeance for the Kilo-16 crimes was swift and powerful. If Saudi Arabia and the UAE dare come after Yemen’s innocents again with Muharram raging and Ashoura just days away, they will face even greater, even bloodier consequences. As sure as the writing on Al-Sarkha is red and green. Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Aba Abdallah (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi! Labaykah ya Abou Jibreel! Long live the Shouhada and Moustazafeen of Yemen!

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