28 Years Ago Today Mikhail Gorbachev Won the Nobel Prize for Betraying the Soviet People

By Ilya Belous


By Ilya Belous – 28 years ago, on October 15, 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev received the Nobel Peace Prize for betraying the Soviet people.

Gorbachev and foreign intelligence

The termination of the arms race was not in the interests of the military-industrial monopolies and the financial oligarchy of the West.

The British authorities declassified documents on the first official visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to the UK in 1984 and his talks with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It is reported by the Air Force. Gorbachev paid a visit to Britain a few months before he headed the USSR. Thatcher describes the future Soviet leader as a person with whom you can deal in order to improve relations between the West and the USSR. 

The political reputation of Gorbachev today is extremely low. The mood of many Russians to bring Gorbachev to court was immediately expressed by film director Nikita Mikhalkov . Many are even inclined to regard Gorbachev as a traitor and western agent. And there is every reason for this.

A separate mystery remains the motive for Gorbachev to withdraw Soviet troops from Afghanistan and actually hand over the geopolitical influence of the USSR in the Middle East into the hands of the United States. Stories still have to wash away the Gorbachev label of the “shameful war” from the USSR military operations on the territory of the democratic republic of Afghanistan in 1919-1989.

Already, steps are being taken to assess the actions of Gorbachev in relation to Afghanistan.

The chairman of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans, Franz Klintsevich, suggested changing the current misjudgment of the war at the official level, revising the resolution of the USSR Congress of People’s Deputies, which called the Afghan war defective in moral and political terms, declaring that the Soviet soldiers had been “spreading the world of the plague of extremism. “

My assessment of the activities of Gorbachev:

1. Gorbachev did not just destroy the USSR, he destroyed a bloc of states – the Warsaw Treaty Organization (ATS) as a counterweight to American imperialism and NATO.

2. He provided the possibility of expanding NATO to the east – to the countries of the former USSR, as well as to the states of the former socialist community.

Gorbachev did not take any international guarantees that NATO would also be dissolved simultaneously with the Warsaw Pact. This can hardly be regarded as political myopia.

Yeltsin will also show the same short-sightedness when he dissolves the unsigned international treaties on the nonproliferation of the NATO bloc to the former Soviet republics.

3. Gorbachev and Yeltsin deprived the Russian army of combat effectiveness and destroyed the Russian military-industrial complex.

4. By the policy of publicity, Gorbachev promoted the establishment of pro-American regimes in Russia and in the countries of the socialist community, in the young former colonial states of Asia, Africa and Latin America, which led to the establishment of anti-people military dictatorships and the scope of the “color revolutions”.

But the most important result of Gorbachev’s publicity was the perversion of national history on Western tracing paper on an even larger scale than under Khrushchev.

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From the condemnation of Stalinism, Western information services have moved to the equation of communist systems with fascist regimes. Began a review of the history of the Second World War, the gradual justification of Hitler’s aggression against communism. In Europe, contrary to the Potsdam decisions, neo-fascism in the dress of neoliberalism gained momentum.

5. When the Warsaw Pact Organization withdrew troops from local “hot” points, “peacekeeping” American troops were immediately deployed there.

The result of their “work” was international terrorism, the transformation of the Balkans and the Middle East into “powder kegs”, as before the First World War.

7. The power of the President of the USSR quickly turned into a fiction. Having deprived the authorities of the “party vertical”, the leaders of “perestroika” did not create a new effective model. And in the financial sphere, and in interethnic relations, and in the situation with the criminal world, and in the workplace, anarchy was increasingly felt.

Gorbachev’s policies eventually led to the division of the peoples of the Soviet Union. The results are the loss of their sovereignty, the establishment of puppet pro-Western regimes, involvement in NATO, civil wars, a surge of Nazism, the heroization of Bandera, the rupture of economic, family, historical ties, Russophobia and other catastrophic phenomena.

8. Gorbachev’s policy was the main cause of the new cold war. Western information services blame this, of course, not the author of the new chaos in Europe – Gorbachev, but the President of the Russian Federation – Putin.

In fact, the true conductor of the policy of “detente” was not Gorbachev and the Western countries that supported him, but Brezhnev and the countries of the socialist camp.

The result of the painstaking two-year work under Brezhnev was the signing in Helsinki of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1975, with the participation of 33 European states, the USA and Canada.

At this momentous moment, two great systems: the camp of socialism and the camp of capitalism and their power guarantors – ATS and NATO recognized parity.

The bipolar world at that moment was a deterrent to aggression. For the first time after World War II, the confrontation at the official level was liquidated in Europe, the solution of the tasks set in Potsdam in 1945 was completed – peace was signed with Germany. The FRG and the GDR recognized each other, as well as the reciprocal borders with Poland and Czechoslovakia. This was the victory of Soviet diplomacy.


Translated for and by FRN

Ilya Belous is a prolific historian and publicist from the Russian Federation


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