6.4 Earthquake at Bali IMF-World Bank Summit Is Pronouncement of The Gods Against Neoliberalism


So this just happened. The IMF and World Bank descend upon Bali. Resulting in a magnitude 6.4 Earthquake. Something that I do not think is *at all* coincidental to the highlighted detail of this article – that ritual carried out to ask for Divine Blessing for this Summit.


I have maintained for some time that Neoliberalism is a demonic ideology. I mean this quite literally. That it is Anarya, A’Rta, A’Dharmic. A force by and for Evil here in this world of ours.

And therefore, that it can, it should, and it MUST be opposed. As, of course, the Gods most assuredly do. It is our role in the course of the ongoing Dharma-Yuddha against Neoliberalism to support Them in Their most mighty machy against it, its supporters, its advocates, and its ultimate nefarious puppetmaster sources. And, further, to do our part in this great war effort through combating its manifestations and its minions here on Earth.

So with all of that in mind, it would seem most morally dubious – nay, INIQUITOUS – indeed, for a ritual to be carried out to effectively ask our Gods to ‘bless’ such a turgid gathering of the Enemy, in amidst the holy sites and shrines of that Island.

Or would it?

For you see, I suspect that that is exactly what has happened here. Whether it is a case of Bhumi, the Earth, literally moving – shuddering in recoilment, perhaps – to attempt to move them, to shake loose the gnats of gneoliberal gnawing at the Cosmos (there’s an Old Norse bilingual #NAS set of references going on there) … or whether it is more directly and simply a manifestation, a ‘sending’ of Divine Anger down upon them …

… a ‘Blessing’ has, indeed, been delivered.

A blessing, the nature of which will be immediately familiar to students of Shaivite lore – for it resembles somewhat in both impact and ambit that sent to Brahma, to Prajapati, to Daksha. In the form of an Axe. Via which, a certain ‘removal’ of a corrupt mouthpiece which spoke lies was accomplished – and thus setting back toward ‘balance’, that corner of the Universe entire.

The Sanskrit word “Kampa” (कम्प) refers to an earthquake. However, with slight alteration, this root gives us the terms “Kampana” (कम्पन) and “Kampana” (कम्पना) – an Army On The March, and a Great Weapon causing Wrack and Ruin, respectively. (Compare, further, the term ‘kämpa’, in Swedish)

This is therefore also a Kampa (कम्प, once again) in another of its senses – that of a Thrilling Pronouncement.

In any case, verily, with the Earth Herself in motion against these emissaries and marionettes of demons; and fully mindful of the intrinsic linkage between Devi Durga and the very concept of this Dharma-Yuddha as illustrated in the Devi Bhagavatam, I therefore contend that:


Now, some may seek to suggest that the meting out out of an earthquake upon Bali represents a harsh sanction, indeed. And yet, it is interesting and positive to note that Bali itself (unlike Java, which has regrettably suffered several deaths), appears to have largely escaped serious damage, or at this time, loss of life.

This compares rather favourably with Neoliberalism, then – with Rogernomics (the initial rollout of said ideology here in New Zealand) being estimated some years back by University of Auckland economist Tim Hazledine to have wrought “great damage […] the cumulative effect of about 20 Christchurch Earthquakes, and counting” to our country alone.

And no doubt even greater levels of catastrophic calamity to any number of other communities about the globe over a similar time-period. Often with the greatest carnage against those de-colonizing or otherwise impoverished economies least able to bear its crushing burden of pain.

So with all of that in mind … when I hear that a ritual has been carried out at a Hindu temple complex in Bali, asking for the blessing of this IMF & World Bank summit that is taking place there, I am fairly instantly reminded of perhaps my favourite quotation from the Vayu Purana:


Now *THAT* is a Kampa!

नमस्ते रुद्र मन्यव उतोत इषवे नम:।

नमस्ते अस्तु धन्वने बाहुभ्यामुत ते नम:॥

ॐ नमः शिवाय ; जय माता दी !


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3 years ago

Who in the public sphere knows were the leading edge of science is? Some are postulating that microwave heating of the ionosphere and the reflection thereof earthward can stimulate or cause earthquakes in zones susceptible to them? This would an addition to HARRP which is supposed to be able to effect/affect weather? Oddly just before the Christchurch earthquake a delegation of Americans cancelled a meeting and removed themselves to Wellington. John Kerry was also there but left Christchurch just prior to the earthquake for Antarctica, which of course could just be serendipity? I have no thoughts on the abilities or not of science to effect or affect such natural phenomena but the question has been posed.

As for the denizens who sit a top the IMF/WB et al it has also been postulated that these persons are practiced in the use of esoteric knowledge and the causal relationship between human behavior and the consequences of breaking natural law, which is supposed to result in feedback in the realm of chaos and subsequent control measures being increased within human social structure. If true this would be of upmost interest to these controllers in their own interests and in their agenda of instituting a one world governance..

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