‘Aggression against Belarus will be considered attack on Russia’, says ambassador


In an interview with a Belarusian television, Russia’s ambassador to the country, Mikhail Bábich, said any aggression on Belarusian territory would be considered a direct aggression against Russia itself.

“Any aggression against Belarus will be considered an attack on Russia, with all the consequences that derive from it,” the ambassador said in an interview with Belarus 1.

The diplomat made the remarks in commenting on the possible creation of a US military base near the Russian and Belarussian western border in Poland.

According to Bábich, this is an “alarming plan that should not be overlooked”.

“We have a full understanding with our Belarusian partners, we have a regional troop group and all the necessary components for both defense and a response attack,” the ambassador assured.

The diplomat stressed that Russia and Belarus are part of the supranational State of the Union agreement and are allies who share “a joint military policy that guarantees absolute security to our citizens,” he added.

US President Donald Trump recently announced after meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda that his government plans to establish a permanent military base on Polish territory and is willing to pay for that facility .

The Belarusian foreign ministry stated that the creation of a permanent US base in Poland would not favor the stability of the region and that Minsk will follow these plans closely to take them into account if they come to fruition.

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Poland is working to increase the country’s forces on the border with Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave in the Baltic Sea, Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Thursday.

“It is important for the Polish military to be more numerous in the eastern part of our country,” Blaszczak said in reviewing the tanker artillery regiment in the town of Suwalki, about 40 kilometers from the Kaliningrad border.

He recalled that NATO forces were deployed not far from the so-called Suwalki hiatus, which, according to the military bloc, is the most vulnerable part of the bloc’s borders and a potential target of Russia’s alleged aggression.

“It is important for our Armed Forces to be numerous, well equipped with sophisticated weapons and closely integrated into NATO structures,” Blaszczak said. “NATO forces are deployed not far from here, but we realize that we should build defensive capabilities.”

Poland has been actively intensifying its cooperation with NATO recently in order to prevent any possible aggression against the country, including the alleged threat from Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that it would never attack any NATO ally. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Western military alliance is aware of this Russian position, but uses alleged aggression from Russia as a pretext to boost its military construction near Russian borders.

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