Analysis: What Advantages do Armata Russian Tanks have over American Abrams?


The crew of an American tank Abrams evaluated the brand new Russian T-14 Armata tank. The military analyst and retired colonel, Viktor Litovkin, expressed his own opinion on the subject.

The men of the crew of one of the North American M1 Abrams tanks , in an interview with Business Insider, evaluated the brand new Russian T-14 Armata tank.

The US tankers interviewed by the issue under conditions of anonymity generally described the platform as effective, highlighting the protection of the combat vehicle crew.

However, the military criticized the automatic tank-loading system, considering it to be impractical and pointing to the advantages of manual loading on Abrams tanks. North American tankers have also expressed the view that the complexity of the fully automated T-14 tower may fail during combat.

Military analyst and retired colonel Viktor Litovkin commented on these assessments.

“As for the assertions about the advantages of the manual munition system, I think it’s absurd. So during a fight, when the tank is being slammed into rough terrain, it’s much harder to hit the projectile at the cylinder’s butt than it does on the automatic tank system,” he said.

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“In addition, an Abrams has four men in the crew, while the T-14 Armata has three. Imagine if the tank is lost […] This is also a big disadvantage of the foreign tank,” said Litovkin.

The analyst also noted that Armata has many advantages compared to any foreign tank, “so this platform is considered as a ‘breakthrough in the construction of 21st century tanks.”

“Of course, the decisive advantage of the T-14 tank is that its crew is in an armored capsule, that is, it would survive an explosion of ammunition. Another advantage is the uninhabitable tower, the armament being operated through digital systems,” said Viktor Litovkin.

The T-14 Armata features a 125 mm gauge cannon that, thanks to a wide range of modern ammunition, is considered a weapon capable of destroying any promising tank. Behind the strong armor of the vehicle is an isolated capsule with the crew that helps the tankers survive even if the tank tower is struck.

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