Analyst explains why American planes keep flying along Russia’s borders


Published on: Oct 22, 2018 @ 23:30 – The US Air Force often conducts reconnaissance operations near the western and northern borders of Russia. The director of Russia’s Strategic Planning Institute, Aleksandr Gusev, explained the real purpose of these maneuvers.

Yesterday, it was reported that an American reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135U carried out a flight along the Russian western border, with PlaneRadar portal even including the trajectory of its displacement. The aircraft was spotted in Lithuania’s airspace, and later in Latvia and Estonia.

The closest proximity to the Russian border was about 53 kilometers.

This is not the first case in recent times, as the activity of reconnaissance aircraft and foreign drones near Russian borders has increased significantly. The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly appealed to Washington to stop such operations, but the Pentagon refuses to do so.

“The objective is to collect reconnaissance data, the airplanes are packed with high-resolution equipment, the footage of the cmilitary bases of our Armed Forces is done. This information ends at the Pentagon chief’s desk, is analyzed, evaluated. These countries are part of the Atlantic Alliance, and American aircraft are part of their strategic potential,” Gusev said when commenting on the situation.

The expert said that there are about 65,000 US soldiers in Europe and they “need to do something”.

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“In particular, they are interested in the S-300, S-400, S-500 and Iskander defense systems, especially the points of deployment of our intercontinental missiles, but they will not be able to reach them,” he summed up.

This comes as a British reconnaissance aircraft carried out a flight over the territories of Israel and Jordan, near the Syrian border, as indicated by several flight monitoring services.

The Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint Air Force aircraft took off from the Souda Bay airbase on the Greek island of Crete, flew over the territories near the southern border of Syria and returned to the airfield.

This effectively demonstrates that Russia is being monitored by NATO, as well as their closest allies.

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