Bolsonaro & Mourão are Enemies of the Brazilian Family!

By Isaque Santos


By Isaque Santos  – The Jair Bolsonaro campaign receives the support of millions of Brazilians for a very obvious and clear reason: it is the desperate reaction on the part of the Brazilian population, who is truly tired and exhausted by the insane progressive social engineering of the left, as well as its delirious mania of antagonizing large sections of the population (such as the middle class, white people, etc.).

In this sense, the Bolsonaro slate stands as an alleged defender of the Brazilian family. Thus, despite the fact that most of its constituents are radically opposed to almost all of its economic platform, yet it reactively votes in Bolsonaro to oppose the PT (and its PSOL and PCdoB aggregates).

But any minimal, basic examination of the situation of the Brazilian family easily demonstrates that Bolsonaro, Mourão and Guedes are not its friends or defenders.

The disintegration of the Brazilian family begins long before the rise of the PT and has as background the advance of capitalism and the interests of the capitalist class in Brazilian society. The impossibility of the patriarch alone to support a home with a wife and two, three or four children, the greatest blow ever to the family, has nothing to do with the left or progressives per se or with a supposed cultural Marxism.

The beginning of the disintegration of the Brazilian family is fundamentally due to the demands of the capitalist system for more labor and, soon after, the transformation of capitalist society into a society of consumption.

To date, no gay movement, no pro-choice stance, no gender ideology, nothing in the last 16 years compares to the devastation caused by the advance of the capitalist system.

In this sense, everything that precarizes the economic conditions of Brazilian families, determined fundamentally by the labor market, will serve to disintegrate the Brazilian family even more. Children living with parents until after 30 and unable to establish their own families? This is basically what the precariousness of labor relations has caused for 15 years in the Northern Hemisphere, and fore more than 5 years in Brazil.

The Bolsonaro / Mourão / Paulo Guedes slate, following this line, has long since ceased to be just selling out the country. It is more correct to say that it is a lawyer’s slate.

After all, what is the basic substrate of the Motherland?

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The national patrimony and the national masses (people and communities).

Now Bolsonaro wants the end of both: the national patrimony, privatized and handed over to foreign capital (as Paulo Guedes, his economic guru, has already made clear he will do, and he will do it in the most radical way possible, giving continuity to the government of the Board Temer), and the national masses, whose economic team wants to suck in the cauldron of ultra-liberal exploitation – cutting labor rights, withdrawing the 13th salary, paying holidays and imposing heavy taxes on the poorest (again, as their economic guru advocates openly, without shame).

Is there a more brutal way to squander and do away with Brazilian families than to subject them to such a regime of austerity and ultra-exploitation?

There is not.

Unfortunately, however, a good part of these masses continues enamored with the figure of Bolsonaro. As we have already analyzed, the left has made consistent contributions in this regard, serving as the main electoral cable of this cabal, with its postmodern slander and public antics (which, one day, we will bury in the cemetery of National History).

All the conservative rhetoric of Bolsonaro is empty. It is necessary to continue denouncing: Bolsonaro is a traitor, a total enemy of Brazil, the Brazilian people, its culture and its people. He wants gold and his evil.



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