An explosive device was found in a mailbox near the home of billionaire George Soros in New York, the media reported. One expert commented on who might have tried to eliminate the famous financier and why.

According to The New York Times, the incident happened on Monday in Westchester County, New York. Police received a call about a suspicious object near the billionaire’s house at about 3:45 pm local time.

It is reported that the device had not been activated, and the police bomb squad performed a controlled explosion.

Soros himself was not at home at the time. Later, police reported that they had handed the case over to the FBI.

The US edition also notes that Soros has long been the target of criticism from different right-wing groups in the United States. Many on the right repeatedly call him a “globalist.” The billionaire was also suspected of financing illegal immigration from Latin America to the US, but his official representatives refuted the accusations.

Information security specialist and professor at Moscow State Technical University Bauman Vitaly Vekhov commented on the alleged motives of the attack.

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“Everybody knows who George Soros is. He financed the so-called ‘color’ revolutions in many countries and probably amassed many enemies for his ‘impetuous activities’, both among ordinary citizens and those in more influential circles,” he said.

In addition, according to the interviewee, the attempted attack may also be related to Soros’ competitors in some projects.

“He continues to be a billionaire, has his businesses in many countries, so it may be a kind of ‘business fight’ with some criminal character,” he said.

George Soros is an American financier and investor. His activities often provoke an ambiguous reaction, as he is often referred to as a financial speculator. Over 40 years, his Quantum company earned $35 billion, which is a record sum for a hedge fund.

The financier is also known to be actively involved in politics: his foundations have often been accused of having organized the change of power in many countries. The billionaire himself dismisses these theories, refuting even his involvement in the Ukrainian coup d’état in 2014.

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