Brazil Election: Terrorist U.S Congressman Rohrabacher imagines Terrorism Everywhere but in his Pocket


An American Republican congressman, by the name of Dana Rohrabacher, invented a crazy story about the involvement of Venezuela, Iran and Hezbollah in the Brazilian election, apparently in favor of Haddad. This is reminiscent of those other insane narratives of Democratic Party politicians about omnipotent Russian hackers.

Hence, he wanted US involvement in protecting Bolsonaro, who he said could be the victim of some “bombing” of Hezbollah. Obviously, this has thrown cattle (NPCs / bots / etc) from the right pocket in a new wave of paranoid hysteria, which by now is normal for both sides.

But the source of this American conspiracy theory tells us a little more about what forces are behind the Bolsonaro candidacy.

This American MP Dana Rohrabacher who wants the US government to get involved in Bolsonaro’s defense is a notorious Zionist member of AIPAC, has its campaigns financed by the Koch brothers and SIMULTANEOUSLY is directly involved in the support of destabilization of the Balkans by Soros NGOs.

He was widely praised for his support for Kosovo by the leader of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) terrorist organization that has deep links with drug trafficking, organ trafficking, slave trade and pedophilia on the European continent (Albanian Mafia ).

Another terrorist organization linked to Dana Rohrabacher is the MEK, the so-called “People’s Jihadists.” Dana Rohrabacher is her main advocate and lobbyist in the United States. The MEK is a post-communist terrorist organization aiming to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has over the years received money from MEK supporters and funders and even managed to get the US to remove the organization from the list of banned “terrorist organizations” for the government.

It is, of course, an organization that has links with ISIS and Israel, and has been a major contributor to terrorist attacks or political assassinations in Iran in recent years.

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Another of its funders is Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and currently partner of George Soros in a business venture.

To put the cherry on the cake, Rohrabacher is also an important member of the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most important international mechanisms promoting Atlanticist globalism, with the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome.

This is the network of relations that moves the candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro.

Antiglobalist? No. Bolsonaro is just the defender of the neoconservative strand of Atlanticist globalism. Nothing more.

Know your enemies!


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