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During Sunday’s pro-Schismatic “prayer for Ukraine”, which was held in the center of Kiev near the walls of the ancient St. Sophia Cathedral, where the government drove state employees to create the appearance of an audience, Petro Poroshenko gave an anti-Russian speech.

The ludicrousness here is that behind him, at this ‘very old and holy church’, were the ‘proof in the pudding’ against his claims – the symbols of the Russian empire – double-headed eagles on the walls of the old Orthodox church.

The terrible news surrounding the Schism between Constantinople and Moscow marks the biggest catastrophe in Christianity since the 11th century split of the church between Rome and Constantinople. The 2018 Schism on the one hand is forecasted in eschatological texts in numerous faiths, but simultaneously represents very base, geopolitical designs. Men are not free of sin, and the institutions he fulfills roles in are not free of sin, therefore. This does not mean that men are not capable of great works and inspired works, and there are – bluntly – some men who are better and worse than others, in terms of both faith and works.

Poroshenko is either a man without a conscience, or a man able to carry out truly despicable work as if a conscience was not present. The degree of cynicism, nevertheless, is so great in this one man that he doesn’t blink at a course proscribed for him, by the U.S deep state, which has seen Ukraine become the least stable, and poorest country in Europe. The levels of destitution are so incredibly great, that such poverty and persecution was not seen since the time of the Nazi occupation or the control of Ukraine by Poland-Lithuania. Youth flee the country, while the weak and elderly are starving, eating shrubs and making salted soups of backyard weeds and leaves.

That Poroshenko has not only attacked the economic, social, and political foundations of ‘his own people’ (they are not his own people, his real name is Valshman or Waltzman and he is a U.S-Israeli dual citizen) – now he attacks the institution ostensibly committed to the salvation of souls.

It is true that this institution is more than just imperfect  – in this way it is not too different from publicly traded corporations or governments. In theory, they perform one role – in reality they partially perform that role, but also serve other less noble purposes. Still, people must remain committed to working in these and changing these until it becomes evident that no such change is possible. The geopolitical, secular, mundane nature of this present rift is the obvious, superficial permutation of the events we are witnessing today. This does not mean that there is also not an ulterior, deeper, religious meaning which transcends the obvious and material.

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The contradiction inherent in the ‘Sunday prayer’ fiasco drew the attention of blogger Ivan Slavinsky, a Kiev resident.

“And so we have everything in Ukraine. Wherever you dig, everywhere or the USSR, or the Russian Empire, or (if deeper) Russia itself. Maybe enough already pretending to be ancient Ukraine?

After all, only suffering and disorder from this lie.

And they would call things by their names, you see, and everything will be formed. Maybe the patriarch will move to Kiev then,” the blogger comments.

This is very humorous, but underscores a bigger problem in Christianity. If one really examines the best arguments across the range of all the various Christian churches, ranging from Orthodox, to Roman Catholic, to the various protestantisms, one finds an array of truths scattered among untruths, and divided up in such a way that one cannot follow any of these unquestionably without ignoring elements of truth contained in the other. It seems very apparent now that this is part of man’s experience on this plane. The work of understanding the self and one’s relation to eternity, creation, the mystery, can never be complete, but must be undertaken.


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