by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – All Zionist media outlets as well as many an ultra-connected Washington “elite” are up in arms like never seen before vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia. Is it because the Wahhabi monarchy has been bombing and besieging Yemen for nearly 1,300 days in an illegal, monstrous, genocidal war that may kill eighteen million–repeat, EIGHTEEN MILLION–souls by the end of the year through the British-style policy of manufactured famine? No. Is it because the “Kingdom” of Terrorism has a women’s rights activist, Israa al-Ghomgham, set to be beheaded for the “crime” of peacefully protesting against the House of Saud’s discrimination against women and Shi’a Muslims? No. Is it because there is finally a call in the Western (read: ZOGified) world to see justice for Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.), barbarically executed nearly three years ago also for peacefully challenging the authority of the dictatorship? No. Instead, everybody has their proverbial panties in a bunch because prominent Saudi “journalist” and “dissident” Jamal Khashoggi has allegedly been tortured, murdered and dismembered in Turkey. Which honestly isn’t mind-blowing by any means. Because he’s one of their own.

Yes indeed, Khashoggi isn’t an innocent bystander as he’s being depicted by ZOGs and journos (read: war propagandists and hasbaraniks) alike but part and parcel of a destabilizationist-disinformationist network that has ravaged the world for four decades. He has used the occupation of “journalist” as a NOC (non-official cover) for what his REAL job is: Operating as an asset of the US, UK and Saudi intelligence services, doing dirty work for all three of them, going back to Operation Cyclone. Khashoggi was in thick with CIA-Mossad-founded Al-Qaeda, writing up anti-Soviet dispatches on its behalf to justify the fake “jihad” from the very beginning. He can be described as a Bin Ladenite who maintained a friendship with the CIA asset Bin Laden (aka Timothy Osman) until his death. Moreover, the man himself is an Ikhwanji since the early 70s and is considered to be the de facto head of Ikhwan in Saudi Arabia.

During Ikhwan’s US-‘Israeli’-backed attack on the Syrian state from 1976-1982, Khashoggi championed the atrocities committed in the name of “fighting a tyrant”. An irony to kill all other ironies as he upheld Saudi-Wahhabi tyranny. Fast forward to today and he’s still an agent of chaos in regards to Syria, proclaiming that the Ikhwanji and Takfiri gangs are “moderate rebels” and writing a piece in the Washington Post, a CIA-Mossad dumping ground, called “It’s Time To Divide Syria”–in perfect genuflection to the ‘Israeli’ Oded Yinon plan. Khashoggi’s connection to the ‘Israeli’ foreign policy advisor’s infamous divide-and-conquer scheme–which features Saudi Arabia–isn’t purely accidental either. In 2005, the Pentagon, more than likely led by Paul Wolfowitz and his coreligionists inside the Office of Special Plans, concocted a plan to topple the Saudi “royal” family and replace it with a more “liberal”-minded regime while American occupiers split up the country into smaller states and took control of the rich oil reserves. One of only three men on the list to lead this psychopathic shindig of balkanization? Jamal Khashoggi.

Speaking of ‘Israel’, while Khashoggi has portrayed himself as a critic of the usurping Zionist entity and increased Saudi-‘Israeli’ ties for the vast majority of his “career”, when put on the spot about official communications with the Zio-Tumor, he nevertheless said, “we should build on that”. He’s also collaborated with WINEP, the think tank of AIPAC. Furthermore, Khashoggi, who is a fervent, hateful, sectarian opponent of Hizbullah and Iran and who supported the murder of Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr (R.A.), did the best service he possibly could for ‘Israel’ by lying about the missing ‘Israelis’ from the Twin Towers on 9/11 and dismissing it as a “conspiracy theory”. He got praised for it by ‘Israeli’ military intelligence outfit MEMRI too.

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If Khashoggi is dead, then he can read this from Jahannam. If he’s still kicking, then by God’s grace, one day he’ll come across it: 4,000 ‘Israelis’ ABSOLUTELY DID NOT show up for work on 9/11, you deceiving sack of Shabbos Goy garbage. They were warned by an ‘Israeli’ company called Odigo, which sent out text messages about an impending terrorist attack in the New York City. The corp was founded by Avner and Maskit Ronen, brothers who served in both Mossad and Talpiot. They sold the company to Mossad agents and international fraudster criminals Kobi Alexander, William Sorin and David Kreinberg. That Khashoggi would brush off this revelation as well as vehemently uphold the false narrative of “Al-Qaeda job with Saudi logisitical help” confirms that he not only serves London, Washington and Riyadh, but “Tel Aviv” too.

Such intrigue is equally unsurprising. After all, this is the nephew of notorious globe-trotting gangster and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, an associate of neocon Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle and long-time valued asset of the CIA and Mossad. The whole Khashoggi family in fact is so up to their necks in Zio-Imperialist servitude that it’s hard to believe they all haven’t turned into little Hijazi golems. And that’s what is most hilarious of all. Jamal Khashoggi has spent the whole of his life safeguarding the Saudi-Wahhabi system. Then when he offered up the slightest, most toothless criticisms of “Crown Prince” Muhammad Bin Salman, the primary architect on the Saudi side of the Yemen genocide, he was marked for death. It’s already being strongly speculated that the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime and its Egyptian lapdog helped murder Jamal. It should be a lesson to all Shabbos Goyim–Muslim and Arab collaborationists especially. Serve the Empire, end up burned in the fire when you ceases to be of use. It’s that simple. The Judeo-Zionist Imperium chews up its slaves, spits them out and finds another set of slime to take their places quicker than rabbis screaming “hallelujah!” after finding pennies in a bank.

The assassination of Khashoggi is most certainly a crime as were the assassinations of Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and Jonas Savimba. This doesn’t invalidate all the tasks they carried out for Zion before they were taken out however. Nor does it come anywhere close to the horrific Zionist-Saudi onslaught against Yemen and the Zionist-Saudi war on Syria. So there won’t be any tears for Jamal the Jew-serving Jerkling here. Not a one. If he’s gone–may he rest in vomit. Law of the floodplains, y’all. Swim with piranhas long enough… Even if you think of yourself as one of them… Get out of line for just the briefest of moments and they will devour your sorry ass.

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