DPR Hero Pavel Gubarev: ELECTION CONTROVERSY – They Are Trying to Remove Me From the Elections!


The hero of the Russian spring Pavel Gubarev, the last of the well-known candidates for the post of the head of the DPR, who could compete with the current acting leader of the republic, Denis Pushilin (after not allowing Alexander Khodakovsky to participate in the campaign ), said that there is extreme pressure on his family, but promised to continue the fight in the electoral race.

“In the last weeks I and my family have been under heavy pressure with one goal – that I refuse to participate in the elections, withdraw my candidacy, leave the contest for the post of the Head of the DPR. I have already lost a lot, criminal prosecution against my wife still looms,”Gubarev says.

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“In Russia itself, there have also been attempts at administrative pressure in a number of regions, including Primorye, the Vladimir region, Khakassia, and other subjects of the Russian Federation. You know how it ended for the then acting heads of the regions,” he added.

“Know that Pavel Gubarev knows how to fight. Whatever decision you take. Just do not be cowards,” he says to his rival’s staff.

Sergey Belous, a military commissar working in Donetsk, explains the situation as follows.

“In general, strange political technologists seem to make strange mistakes: first they do not allow Khodakovsky – and the opposition voices mostly flows then to Gubarev … and then, frightened by this effect, they think to remove him also from their way,” Belous writes in his blog.

Pavel Gubarev wrote the following to his supporters on social media earlier in the week, regarding all this:

I want to make a statement for all fellow citizens, for my companions and opponents. With the utmost sincerity and honesty.
In the last weeks I and my family have been under heavy pressure with one goal – that I refuse to participate in the elections, withdraw my candidacy, leave the contest for the post of the Head of the DPR. I have already lost a lot, criminal prosecution against my wife still looms.

But I want to say something to everyone.

I know how to fight and I have that core strength, and the desire to make the citizens of the Republic content, rich and free.

Do not bow before the curators from Moscow at any cost, if that cost is making our citizens content.

Being open, I recently visited the capital and held a number of meetings. I met with officials from the President’s administration, with generals and deputies of the State Duma, with people from the close surroundings of President Putin and with editors of the leading media.

I can tell you first hand that I know that those in Moscow don’t look at everything the way we are told by the advisers and consultants sitting at “Pushkin, 7 b”.

I know that I and my team have a strong support and in force, and in the media circles in Moscow and this support will not be lost even if i am removed from the election (such an option is being processed now by Pushilin’s team and the people who are behind him in Moscow) .

I know quite a lot about the political future of our charges current Moscow handlers.
I know about the balance of opinions of decision makers in Russia and about the swift reinforcement of new members of the chattering class talking about Donbass. And I know that not everyone in Moscow is ready to give Donbass to Ukraine. It’s support from these people exactly that I’m counting on.

I know also that in Moscow they are irritated by these “games”, which are being played in the elections in the DPR.


It is this support and your faith that gives me the understanding that surrender is not possible.

Let the opponents “throw” information on ‘Allegedly Fake Voter Signatures’, let them be pressured and threatened.

This is humiliation in the first place against you, my dear countrymen, and I will prove it. We know how to fight, no matter the threats and the pressure. We know how to defend our views.

Colleagues from Moscow know that me and my team want and ready to work, command, including “hand in hand” with the President, as well as within the humanitarian work of the government of Russia (and it will be strengthened). We want to expand cooperation with the regions and business community of Russia. We’re getting out of isolation. We are young, competent and we will definitely not servile.

We will be the strength of the DPR, which will hear the individual request and the problem of every man and woman, every employee of the public sphere, and every grandmother in the Republic.

You won’t be ashamed of us, that’s for sure.

We will do our job chasing only one goal-every step must be transparent and be directed to the benefit of the citizens of DPR. We will build good-neighbors with our “senior” neighbors on the road to common success.

I want to say something to the team of Denis Pushilin who so wants to eliminate me from the competitive field.

Do you really want to stay in history only as “mediocre” and you, deaf to the people’s opinion?

Be masculine and noble. Don’t be afraid to get together in a fair fight, your same voters will appreciate it!

You believe you will win? So why “pressuring” my companions and opposition in your media? Why use the specter of Kremlin apparatchiks to scare us?

Or are Still-afraid for your position that the problems of hundreds of thousands of my companions are beyond your concern?

Know that Pavel Gubarev knows how to fight. Whatever solution you take – just don’t be cowards.


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