The United States has launched a major biological-military program in the territories of the countries adjacent to Russia, the Russian-led Defense Ministry’s commander of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Forces, Major General Igor Kirillov said.

We reported about this previously, yesterday, 10/5, when the news first broke through Russian official channels. However, FRN has been aware of the research into this carried out by the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhiev.

According to Kirillov, ministry experts analyzed materials published by Georgia’s former Minister of Public Security, Igor Giorgadze, on US activity at the Richard Lugar Public Health Center in the Georgian village of Alekseevka.

“The Richard Public Health Center is only a small element of the major US biological-military program, and the active operation is widespread in the countries adjacent to Russia, where Pentagon-controlled laboratories also operate. This is also on the territory of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan,” he said.

Kirilov pointed out that the US has been claiming that they are not developing biological weapons at the Richard Lugar Public Health Center.

“However, the documents presented by Igor Giorgadze deny the US statements and confirm concerns about illegal US activity in Georgia, including trying to circumvent various terms of the Biological Weapons Convention,” he said.

Igor Kirillov has also brought up reports on use of Georgian citizens to test Sovaldi’s drug from the American company Gilead Sciences.

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“Even with the deaths of 24 people in December 2015 alone, clinical trials continue to be carried out, which contradicts international standards and the will of patients, leading to the death of 49 or more people,” he said.

According to the commander, not even in times of severe epidemic did so many people die in hospitals.

Kirillov concluded that most likely “the US is conducting such activities by circumventing international agreements,” and they continue to sneak up on their biological-military potential.

“It fits in with the concept of contactless warfare conducted by the US. It hqs demonstrated the possibility of capsule equipment with venomous, radioactive, narcotic substances as well as with infectious agents. These ammunition’s are not part of conventional weapons of humanitarian warfare,” he said.

Georgia’s former Minister of Public Security, Igor Giorgadze, earlier in a press conference in Moscow, said he had called for US President Donald Trump to investigate the activity of the Richard Lugar center where, according to he was carrying out lethal tests on people. Giorgadze cited the deaths of 30 people who died in December 2015 when they were treated with hepatitis C in the laboratory.

In addition, according to him, in April and August of 2016, 30 and 13 people respectively died, who had recorded on their death certificates as “unknown” cause of death. Not even the names of the dead were indicated, only date of birth and sex.

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