While this was reported on the official event page in Facebook on October 15th, bear in mind that Facebook – also as a tool of U.S/NATO intelligence, has ignored numerous complaints and take-down requests from concerned citizens. Neo-Nazism, Banderism, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing – the groups that exist on Facebook and the public announcements which help organize their events – are not deemed to be ‘violations of community guidelines or terms of service’ by the Zionist controlled Facebook outlet.The conference was attended by representatives from U.S backed extreme nationalist parties and organizations of Ukraine, Norway, Italy, Germany, USA and Sweden. For youth drawn to the initial message of these groups, which at first may seem appealing for those looking for answers in these perilous times where liberal democracy and capitalism have failed to meet the needs or create a meaningful society, it should be known that these are ‘controlled opposition’ groups which ultimately work in the interests of NATO and the US.

This means that by joining and support them, one is supporting globalization, imperialism, finance and predatory capitalism, GMO food, the IMF and WB, pedophilia movements, homosexual supremacism, consumerism, and forced mass-migration from all the world into Europe – for the expressed purpose of destabilization. In other words, would-be youth activists, by joining such organizations, would in fact be working in favor of the most of the things which they in their hearts and minds really oppose. The specter of ‘communism’ is pathologically seen by such organizations as an existential threat – deeming capitalism, banking, usury, forced migration, globalization, corruption (all features of capitalist imperialism) as examples of ‘communism’. Communism is then, conceptually, also substituted for ‘Russia’ – even modern, capitalist Russia –  giving gas to this otherwise moribund cold war strategy of tension and the Gladio project, backed by the CIA, NSA, and NATO intelligence in cooperation with the U.S infiltrated sectors of, for example, French, German, Italian, and Spanish intelligence services.

So, the Norwegian nationalist party ‘Alliance’, the Italian neo-fascist community center ‘CasaPound Italia’, the German neo-Nazi party ‘Der III.Weg’, the German ultra-right youth organization ‘JN-NPD’, the radical nationalist party ‘Svoboda’ and the militarized organization ‘Carpathian Sich’ sent their participants. Svoboda takes its name from the same name ‘Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’ that founded it – the NATO intelligence media project

In addition, American white nationalist Greg Johnson, who became famous for his advocacy of pederasty and radical organization homosexual supremacism, and his ‘work’ as editor-in-chief for the FBI supported ‘Counter-Currents’ online publication, as well as Swedish Pan-European nationalist and pathological narcissist mirror-gazer, Markus Follin, a ‘Gay Pride parade dancer for pay‘ known as the Golden One, were invited as special guests.