Fake U.S Accusations Continue to ‘Poison’ Russia-U.S Relations, says Ryabkov


The US is “poisoning” the atmosphere of Russia-US relations with new unfounded accusations against Moscow, taking a dangerous path that increases tensions between two nuclear powers, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

US Deputy Attorney General for National Security John Demers earlier announced on Thursday that the US has filed charges against seven alleged Russian intelligence officers who would have been involved in a conspiracy to hack into US international organizations and Canada.

“We are very sorry to see how US officials continue to poison the atmosphere of Russia-US relations with new baseless accusations against Russia, which some NATO countries are quick to follow, from Washington’s orders. The West is again being threatened by Russian hackers, this time supposedly involved in hacking into computer networks around the world,” Ryabkov said in a commentary.

According to him, Washington continues to feed its domestic and international public with false information to justify sanctions and other methods of pressure on Russia.

“Russia has become accustomed to such methods used by the US, but deliberately raising tensions between nuclear powers in the international arena is a dangerous path,” he added.

Meanwhile US President Donald Trump has approved a new anti-terrorism strategy, broader than previous administration plans, National Security Adviser John Bolton told a news conference.

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Bolton explained that the new plan aims to isolate terrorists, protect American infrastructure, and combat the recruitment of radicals.

For his part, National Security Adviser John Bolton told reporters on Thursday that the government will discuss this new strategy with its foreign partners and will seek to share the burden with other governments to address the terrorist threat.

The US national security adviser also said he has never seen anything like China’s recent actions to interfere in US internal affairs.

“Personally, I’ve never seen anything like the scope of Chinese activities,” Bolton said, referring to US accusations that the Asian giant is interfering in its domestic affairs.

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