German FM thanks US for reuniting Germany; internet doubles over with laughter

Historical revisionism in service of the West's Ministry of Truth


Tweet from German Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Foreign Minister @Heiko Maas in Washington at the opening of Year of Germany in the USA: “It was the Americans who made the reunification of Germany possible. And that, we will never forget.”

Posted on Facebook with this comment:
ATTENTION ATTENTION: THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH MAKES ITSELF KNOWN: at this point again thanks to the Americans for the rebuilding of (EACH!) Germany. After all, it was the Americans who defeated Napoleon at the gates of Moscow, who freed Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna in 1945. it is well known that the Americans invented the printing press in 1500 and built the Chinese wall and pyramids some years earlier. The Americans pacified Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Our heartiest thanks! And there’s more: It was the Americans who shot the 1st sputnik into space. Yuri Gagarin, a Detroit worker boy, was the first person in space. The Monday demos in all eastern German cities are still legendary: tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets for the population of the DDR. Oh. and of course the final THANKS to the US PRESIDENT Gorbachev, to whom we owe the unity of Germany.

Others were simpler:
Heiko, for shame!

And another: Heiko, The Mouse

Rhymed by another: Heiko, The Louse!

What nonsense! Merkel is to blame!

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This one relates the usual revisionists to Maas’s revisionism:

By the way Heiko Maas, Wikipedia says “Historical revisionism on German history is a central and unifying component of the Extreme Right”

So, are you a Nazi, Mr. Maas?

Another also notes the revisionism:
Whoa! This guy is rewriting history!

I comment that in many EU languages, “shit” is less off-color than here in the US:
Every day more shit that you have to rinse out. Every day you ask yourself if this shit could get piled any higher. Our little Maas despite his size, has no limits in twisting history and feeding the people shit. Please vote these idiots out next time. Thank you.

Another takes off on the Dumb and Dumber film
Dumb, Dumber, Maas.


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