The media reported that the administration of US President Donald Trump is developing a new strategy of action in Syria involving the application of sanctions against companies from Russia and Iran that are involved in the reconstruction of Syria. Russian political scientist Vladimir Bruter explained what lies behind this initiative.

Previously, the North American channel NBC said that the US strategy includes preventing the recovery of areas where Iranian and Russian contingents are present. Washington also plans to impose sanctions on Russian and Iranian companies working to rebuild Syria.

Political scientist Vladimir Bruter listed the objectives of this strategy.

According to the expert, the US will continue to put pressure on Russia, always and in every possible direction for them, with Syrian not being an exception, to achieve a series of objectives.

First, the US increases pressure on Russia to hamper action. Second, they create obstacles to strengthening the positions of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian influence in Syria.

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“The third goal is that, since the restoration of Syria is an expensive thing, and it is not a secret that Russia would like Western countries to join in, the US does everything to stop it,” he said.

The fourth objective is Washington to try to maintain internal tensions in Syria and support the groups that stand against Assad.

“The last reason is that these measures are part of the White House’s anti-Iranian program, which of course will become broader. It is no coincidence that for several days it was stated that Iranian oil exports should be cut to zero. This is evident and along with the pressure in the Syrian direction, this should create problems for Iran, at least Washington believes in this,” concluded the analyst.

Iran and Syria are targeted by the US as they are the main bulwark states that prevents the US and Israel from having complete hegemony over the Middle East.

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