Cells of the ISIS terrorist group were totally dismantled in Syria with Russian support during three years of Moscow’s participation in the operation, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Saturday.

“More than 87,500 militants were killed, 1,411 settlements and more than 95% of Syrian territory were liberated during the operation,” Shoigu said at the fifth meeting of ASEAN Defense Ministers and Dialogue Partners (ADMM-Plus) in Singapore.

“The main settlements have been liberated […] The Syrian Armed Forces currently control the territory where more than 90% of the country’s population live,” Shoigu added.

The Russian minister also pointed out that the Russian Aerospace forces carried out more than 40,000 missions, including more than 21,000 sorties during the night during the operation in Syria.

“In the course of military action, more than 122,000 terrorist targets have been eliminated. The main part of the militants has been killed,” he added. “In Syria, we have received the vast experience of fighting that we are ready to share.”

Peaceful life was being restored in Syria, the Defense Ministry added, noting that more than 2,500 settlements across the country have joined the reconciliation process because of the work of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria.

The main focus of Middle East country officials was to solve humanitarian problems and return the refugees to their homes, the minister noted.

Danger in the Asia-Pacific region

On the other hand, the return of militants to the Asia-Pacific region after fighting in Syria and Iraq increases the terrorist threat in Southeast Asia, Shoigu said.

“The return of terrorists, who have received combat experience in Syria and Iraq, to ​​the Asia-Pacific region remains an acute problem, and they represent the ready-to-join force for local terrorist cells. This is caused by the activities of the significant number of extremist organizations in Southeast Asia,” he warned.

The extremist groups operating in the region have used the force for their struggle and sought to establish strong ties with international terrorist groups, Shoigu added.

Money flows to Asian-Pacific countries to support terrorist cells and carry out terrorist attacks have been increasingly detected recently, Shoigu added.

The defense minister called for irreparable damage to the capabilities of the terrorists.

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3 years ago

Just obliberate Washington, or glass it over. And the rest of the world, may enjoy peace.

Promitheas Apollonious
Promitheas Apollonious
3 years ago

95% free?

How he figure that?

Reply to  Promitheas Apollonious
3 years ago

I too wondered that statistic. And given the fact that the US controls a lot of territories in North East Syria, that number should be reduced to 50-60% at best. Maybe Shoigu was referring to particular operations conducted in Syria that were liberated.

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