by Jonathan Azaziah


Published on: Oct 11, 2018 @ 20:02 – by Jonathan Azaziah – Not an MMA fan in the slightest but the Zionist war on Islam is global as well as multifaceted and sometimes the battle transports us to fronts we weren’t even aware existed. Which is why we stand in full Striking Star Solidarity with Khabib Nurmagomedov after his epic beatdown of parasitic, colonialist, racist hooligan Conor McGregor, dropping him in the second round of their grudge math with a beautiful right hand bomb and ultimately making him submit with a rear naked choke hold in the fourth. Following Khabib’s defense of his lightweight championship in a dominant victory, McGregor and his entourage continued with the behavior that had been routine throughout the entire promotion, hurling the vilest insults at the Dagestani Avar warrior’s family, religion, culture and country. McGregor’s teammate and cornerman Dillon Danis called Nurmagomedov a “fucking Muslim rat”. Enough was enough. So Khabib responded the way any sane human being would. He defended his family, religion, culture and country.

For this showing of bravery and honor, UFC President Dana White called Khabib “ridiculous”. Lightweight contender Tony Ferguson labeled Khabib “unprofessional” and “disrespectful”. And former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington, a noted racist, actually had the gall to say Khabib had set back the sport 20 years –after calling him a “filthy animal”, a term he’s also used for the people of Brazil, which he also called a “dump”. But when Conor McGregor and his team attacked Khabib’s bus at UFC 223 in Brooklyn last April, badly injuring three fighters, damaging the event as these very same fighters had to pull out of their bouts, and winding up in NYPD custody for the violence…. THAT didn’t set the sport back. THAT wasn’t unprofessional nor was it disrespectful. And THAT wasn’t ridiculous.

Khabib, being the humble and decent man that he is, apologized to the UFC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his actions as well as those of his team, but then openly wondered why he was being assaulted in such a horrible way but McGregor does and says infinitely worse, including endangering other fighters’ lives outside of the octagon, only to continue receiving the “golden boy” treatment. Seeing this as anything other than Russophobic and Islamophobic is asinine. Khabib is being targeted so maliciously by the global sports media as well as the UFC itself solely because of his ethnicity and his religion.

Imagine being called terrorist, a sheep-fucker, a goat-fucker, backwards, having alcohol thrown in your face when it is widely-known what your religion is and how committed you are to your faith, insulted for being Russian, insulted for living with your parents which is a custom of love and respect and familial closeness in Dagestan, torn up, denigrated, provoked over and over again for MONTHS. Then, after winning fair and square in an excellent scrap that you primarily dominated, STILL not getting the respect you most assuredly deserve and STILL being insulted. “Fucking Muslim rat”. Read it again. “Fucking Muslim rat”. Would you sit on your hands? Would you keep quiet? Would you take it? Especially if you’re from a place as proud and dignified as Russia and Dagestan particularly. Would you? No you GODDAMN wouldn’t.

Verily, Khabib should be praised and commended for standing up to bigoted bullies, not thrashed. He should be lamented for refusing to accept Islamophobia, not left out in the wilderness. In the post-9/11 epoch, Muslims are traditionally seen in two ways and two ways only: Bloodthirsty, medieval terrorists or subservient, liberalized collaborators. When Muslims take the Malcolm X (R.A.) approach in how we govern ourselves, we’re deemed radicals; out of place; extremists; or in the case of athletes, “unprofessional”. When we stand up for our homelands, we’re looked at with disdain. While Khabib may not be a politically-minded individual, he is nevertheless in the throes of a fiercely political situation. Like Muhammad Ali (R.A.) and Mahmoud Abdul Rauf before him, he is upholding the standard of Islam during a time when Muslims are completely under siege.

And whether he’s aware of it or not, inside and outside the octagon, he just pushed back against that besiegement in a major way by scoring a massive victory over an agent of Zio-British imperialism in what is considered the UFC’s biggest event EVER. His example is one that all Muslims should emulate: Maintain humility but once you’re in your field of battle, show no mercy in your pursuit of triumph. Keep calm, cool and collected but if you’re repeatedly and unrepentantly attacked by filth, righteously safeguard what is nearest and dearest to you, especially Islam.

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Yes indeed, Conor McGregor, despite being of Irish stock, is absolutely an agent of Zio-British imperialism. He wears the poppy to honor all the British soldiers who have died waging wars for the House of Rothschild since WWI and his grandfather, Christopher, served in the British Navy that played a major role in starving, displacing, maiming, torturing and murdering millions of Irish souls–something Khabib called him out for. Moreover, his racist diatribes against Russians and ignorant comments about Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov–who Khabib’s father Abdulmanap took a photo with and called for unity between Chechens and Dagestanis–were an echoing of the British ZOG’s ongoing psychological, political, military and intelligence war on the Russian state. From the Skripal scandal, which looks more and more like a Mossad-MI5-MI6 false flag everyday, to the Prezzo Restaurant incident, which also appears to be Zionist fakery considering Anna Shapiro’s an ‘Israeli’, to the sanctions on Moscow, to the support for the Zionist coup regime in Kiev, to the daily media demonization of Vladimir Putin, McGregor allowed himself–wittingly–to be part of the Russophobic onslaught. Par for the course is that McGregor decided to head to the octagon accompanied by Jewish-Zionist culture vulture Drake.

And being a parasitic, colonialist, racist, Russian-hating, Islam-bashing hooligan who admires the genocidal British Empire puts him in perfect league with the monster who owns the UFC: Ari Emanuel, chieftain of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC, and scion of the ‘Israeli’ terrorist Emanuel family that includes Jewish-Zionist Democratic king-maker Rahm Emanuel, his brother, and Irgunist Benjamin Emanuel, his father, one of the orchestrators of the King David Hotel bombing. Parasites of a feather make war on Islam together, don’t they? Ari Emanuel bought the UFC from Dana White–who at this stage, shouldn’t be considered anything but a Zio-cuck–and with the Emiratis, who do all sorts of ugly business with the usurping Zionist entity, mysteriously dumping their 10% share in the organization back to Endeavor, he now has a total stranglehold over the MMA industry. With a Zionist Jew at the helm, the reason why there’s been total tolerance of the relentless abuse against Nurmagomedov and his family should become clearer than newly minted crystal. If Khabib was Yahoudi, would Emanuel let McGregor get paid and come away unpunished without even a slap on the wrist? Fat chance.

Khabib, by the way, still hasn’t been paid, despite being the victor. An investigation is needed, the UFC insists. The champ said months ago, “You cannot talk about religion. You cannot talk about nation.” McGregor and his goon-squad didn’t give a damn and they let their hate spew regardless. And now because “The Eagle” flexed his muscles to protect Islam and Mother Russia, teaching some hate-mongers a valuable lesson in the process, he’s being taken to task. It’s as disgusting as it is unacceptable. Silver lining though is that what happened in the octagon can’t be undone. Nurmagomedov beat the brakes off Conor, humiliating the faux-Irishman for all to see. Khabib quipped that while McGregor gained plenty of notoriety for a picture with Putin, it was Khabib who Putin called to congratulate on a job well done after the fight. This triggered Takfiris all over social media who called on Muslims to shun the champ because he has the support of Kadyrov and Putin. Thankfully, it fell on deaf ears. There are more Muslims aware of Nurmagomedov’s combat gifts than ever before and his supporters are exponentially increasing.

Thus, in the end, while McGregor and his brethren sought to harm Islam with their hate, the Deen remained unscathed as it always has and Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov, undefeated and undisputed, came up smelling like a rose atop the corpse of one of the British ZOG’s proxies. In the age of Dajjal, where enjoyments are few and far between for Muslims, the most beloved son of Makhachkala gave the entire Islamicate something to cheer for. Which is why we say once again… Striking Star Salute to Khabib, lightweight champion of the world! And to hell with the Zio-UFC!

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