Ingenious Strategy: Why does the Pentagon Strongly Praise Russian Weapons?


Yesterday, US media reported that the Pentagon would have recognized the supremacy of Russian missile and artillery systems in terms of their reach. A Russian military expert commented on what purpose this could have been stated.

The head of US Army command for innovative developments, General John M. Murray, quoted by the Business Insider edition, said:

“The Russians, and in many ways the Chinese as well, are able to outrange most of our systems.”

“They are establishing standoff capabilities, Murray said. “We saw that in the Ukraine. We saw the pairing of drones with artillery, using drones as spotters.”

In the opinion of the senior military official, the fact that Russia has actively developed its artillery successfully is a “wake-up call” for the Pentagon.

Russian expert on military affairs and commercial director of Arsenal magazine Otechestva, Aleksei Leonkov, analyzed the words of the American general.

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“On the one hand, they praise our weapons, that way they frighten the American public: we have this and they do not. That is, at the moment they ask for money to create. When, on the contrary, they say badly about our armaments, that means they have already received money and are developing new systems,” Leonkov quips.

According to the expert, in comparing the parameters of different combat systems it is very important to be concrete.

“If we speak concretely about such a parameter as the range, some of our systems really do fire a great deal farther and far outnumber North American analogues; there are systems that in this parameter are inferior to the Americans, but outnumber them in something else. It is important to speak concretely, and if they say ‘in general’, it is not a very precise picture. We should consider their words as part of the same propaganda campaign of ‘Give us money for new projects,'” the analyst said.

Earlier, The National Interest reported that the US Army Special Operations Command intends to begin funding Russian weaponry in the US and has already invited US companies to “discover and improve the technology of the Kalashnikov machine gun, the machine gun modernized high-caliber NSV Utes and make your copies.”

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