Published on: Oct 10, 2018 @ 21:30 – A starving and demoralized Ukrainian military, in the part of Donbass under their control, are pillaging grocery stores and taking food from the local population. This is alarming for a number of reasons beyond the obvious fact of crimes being committed against a civilian population. In this Ukrainian army, we are expected to believe that their stocks and force projection has been growing.

It is through this mechanism that Poroshenko seems to want to push his drive for war, in order to secure the election, by turning out the support of the Gacilian and Ukropian populace. But at the same time, we are seeing some Kievan oligarchs talk of peace and love and rejoining with the Donbass not through war, but through dialogue, restoration of pensions, and many things which surely are compatible with Yulia Tymoshenko’s electoral strategy

Likewise on the DPR front we see an election, the outcome of which will determine which face Moscow wants to front – war and hostilities, the frozen conflict, or rejoining Ukraine. All three are unique, however there is an active debate on what the ‘irreconcilable outcome’ of the frozen conflict will have to be – towards hostilities or towards rejoining Ukraine?

If Pushilin wins, of course this is not a ‘war’ face. Not given the moves and support he is also suspected of having among some Ukraine oligarchs. But this is not against one of Moscow’s contingencies either, not at all. They too can see a Donbass rejoin Ukraine – how else to return to a ‘Party of Regions’ type status quo that will see Ukraine return to its proper place as a post-Soviet satellite?

At the same time, all of this depends on the moves by the US, Trump announces a major reshuffling of his military advisors, and Nikki Haley is out.

And yet we have a starving Ukrainian army, or a very greedy one – these two don’t mutually exclude each other, however. Will they be eating this stuff, or selling it?

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This was announced today during a briefing by the official representative of the operational command of the DPR, Daniel Bezsonov.

“Against the background of poor-quality food supply of the units of the 36th Marine Brigade, which are on the front lines, conflicts between soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians in the nearest settlements have become more frequent. In particular, the Ukrainian invaders began to carry out armed raids on grocery stores and industry by looting local residents, taking away their food stocks prepared for the winter,”said Daniel Bezsonov.

He also said that the local residents were even forced to organize armed groups to protect against the mayhem of the “warriors of light.”

“Tired of robberies by the punishers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, entrepreneurs of the Sartana settlement defended their property. So, during one of the raids, they detained at the crime scene and beat the forces of the 36th Brigade of soldiers Kutsenko, after which he was handed over to the military service officers of law and order. Residents of the village plan to form an armed squad to protect their property from the so-called “defenders”, who belong to the civilian population as well as the Nazis from the SS division “Galicia”, who are currently an example of imitation for the Ukrainian invaders ”, – concluded official representative of the armed forces of the Republic.

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