Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says that despite U.S and Israeli demands to the contrary, the Islamic Republic will nevertheless keep its military advisory presence in Syria as long as Tehran finds it “effective and useful” and as long as the Syrian government asks it.

IRGC spokesman Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif spoke to Iranian media saying that the Islamic Republic has been supporting Syria strictly in accordance with international regulations since the beginning of the crisis in the country.

“This fabricated crisis has been led from abroad with the purpose of instigating insecurity in Syria and creating a safety margin for the Israeli regime,” he added.

Therefore, Israeli claims that Iran’s presence constitutes any breach of international norms – norms are those sets of rules and observed processes that the Zionist entity itself openly and proudly violates on a daily basis. However, given that Iran’s activities in Syria come only with Syrian government approval – a government which in no way was ‘installed’ via Iranian interference furthermore – Israel’s complaints are without merit.

Sharif in fact reiterated that the legitimate Syrian government – which is the only entity in the world with the authority to do so –  has called for Iran’s military advisory presence.  He furthermore summarized that the Islamic Republic has made efforts to share its “useful” experience with the Syrian army and people to help them defend their country.

He underscored that Israel had engaged in what amounted to a conspiracy against the sovereignty of Syria, and went on to say that the resistance of the Syrian people and government had however successfully foiled the Zionist plot and kept its allies from realizing its aim to partition the Arab country, and create a safety zone for the Tel Aviv regime.

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What happened instead is that five years after the beginning of the U.S-Zionist created crisis in Syria, they found out that that they had failed to overthrow the Arab country’s government and that they are being faced with a “professional” Syrian army, one rebuilt numerous times thanks to successes of anti-imperialist forces, the senior Iranian commander said.

He iterated that the progress of the Syrian war to date had marked a “big loss” for the Israeli regime, one which it will have a very difficult time recovering from.

Sharif further said during the eight-year war imposed on the Islamic Republic by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1980s, Syria was the only country that defended Iran’s legitimate rights and even provided military and advisory support to Tehran. This is significant for many reasons, not least among them that both Syria and Iraq officially had the same governing state ideology – Ba’athism, a form of Pab-Arab socialism and nationalism.

The U.S invasion of Syria has cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, and has created a massive refugee crisis throughout the region and Europe. Turkey has played a critical role in manipulating the crisis, in particular using it as a weaponized form of diplomacy against Germany. Fortunately, the migration policies increasingly adopted by Balkan and Central European countries have ultimately aided the EU from suffering under its own self-destructive policies, policies which many experts have concluded are the direct result of a long-game plan to create destabilization in Europe.

Historically, destabilization in Europe has led to war with Russia. Therefore, it is clear that among Russia’s numerous reasons for assisting Syria, among them are ensuring that the Levant and Middle-East is a stable region, which does not produce the kinds of destabilizing crises that engulf Europe. Russia’s economic and security strategy regarding Europe, is that Europe is simultaneously independent of Atlanticist control – a reality imposed on Western Europe in the aftermath of WWII – and also economically prosperous and stable. For these reasons among others, Iranian and Russian strategic interests align with those of the Syrian government.

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