Is U.S ‘Fort Trump’ in Poland a Mere Provocation Aimed at Russia?


The permanent deployment of a US military base in Poland is but a mere provocation of the Polish leader directed to Moscow, having no relation with the plans of NATO, explains Polish political scientist Tomasz Jankowski.

In addition, the analyst says that the creation of the so-called Fort Trump (proposed designation for the future base) is seen quite differently in Warsaw and NATO.

In September, during the visit to Washington, Polish President Andrzej Duda offered the US more than $2 billion to create a permanent US military base in Poland. After the meeting, the US Department of Defense indicated that the proposal was being studied and that no decision had yet been taken.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the Defense Ministers’ meeting in Brussels on 3 and 4 October, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said there is no need to increase the US military presence in Poland.

Currently, Poland is home to some 3,000 US troops, including a tugboat regiment, a US Air Force detachment consisting of five F-22 Raptor fighters and an anti-missile system under construction.

Jankowski explained that “[…] Stoltenberg’s statement clearly indicates that Poland’s plans are not related to NATO’s plans …” and that “… this is only an initiative proposed by the government, the president of Poland, which, to be more precise, did not suggest so much the maintenance of the American troops as the payment of a kind of tribute.”

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The political scientist parallels the effort on the basis in question and Poland’s involvement in the Iraq war, since Polish troops were requisitioned by the American allies, regardless of whether NATO was not officially mobilized by Washington. “This is not a NATO strategy, but rather a result of a bilateral agreement between Poland and the US […].”

The fact does not generate much enthusiasm in the European Union, which currently seeks to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine and recognize the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Meanwhile, “while they [the Poles] continue with aggressive rhetoric directed at Moscow, we can see a trend of relaxation between the EU and Russia in Germany and in other countries […] So if Poland really deals with the US, they do it outside NATO […],” said the political scientist.

Jankowski believes that the Polish authorities are interested only in fomenting tensions with Moscow, making it possible for society to believe in an imaginary Russian threat.

He concludes by stating that “[…] Russia cannot fail to respond, since a country with the highest military potential in the region can not be indifferent to the mobilization of more and more forces near its borders, which, for “We are not talking about any symbolic American division, we are talking specifically about a division of tanks, that is, of an offensive unit.” There is no doubt that the Russian Federation will respond, and this response should further contribute to the propaganda campaign the current Polish government is undertaking.”

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