by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – If you’ve been paying attention–and we mean REALLY paying attention–to Saudi Arabia’s genocidal assault on Yemen for the last three and a half years, then the following news won’t come as a shock to you. If you’ve been aloof… Well. Time to get with the Shlomo-scripted, Shlomo-directed and Shlomo-produced program thanks to the good people at Yemen Resistance Watch: The usurping Zionist entity is providing training to the Emirati-paid mercenaries besieging the lifeline port city of Yemen’s Hudaydah. That’s right. The child-killers and starvers who have been merciless towards the suffering Yemeni people are products of ‘Israel’. Occupied Al-Naqab, where Zion is currently engaged in ethnically cleansing Palestinian Bedouins from their ancestral lands, is the location Zion chose to whip these invaders into shape for its Abu Dhabi ally. ‘Israel’ and the UAE have been despicably intimate since at least the 90s and the Emiratis are so ingratiated with World Jewry that they’re using a Zionist spy tech system called Falcon Eye to surveil their own citizens.

And the coordinator for all of it is none other than Muhammad Dahlan,the “Palestinian” collaborationist who is arguably the worst traitor in the Arab-Islamic world since Sadat (L.A.) Dahlan, a senior advisor to the Nahyans and a friend of genocidal fruit-loop Avigdor Lieberman, was the neocons’ handpicked Shabbos Goy to lead the coup against Hamas in 2007 and he received direct assistance from the CIA and Mossad. While the scheme failed to dislodge Palestine’s premier Islamic Resistance movement, it succeeded in separating the West Bank and Al-Quds from Gaza, thus weakening and balkanizing the Palestinian struggle. Clearly, Dahlan’s hunger for treachery and sedition can’t be satiated and aren’t confined to Palestine’s national boundaries. He sought to make a regional impact. So like he betrayed his own people and his own country, he’s sold Yemen down the river too.

In all honesty, we should’ve picked up on the hands of the ‘Israelis’ in Hudaydah considering how utterly humiliated their trainees were in the strategic region of Kilo-16, where Ansarullah scored a massive, Imam-Hussein-(A.S.)-inspired victory and prevented the fall of the area to the usurpers. Failure has become a Zionist specialty! Since Hizbullah liberated Lebanon from a 22-year Zionist occupation on May 25th, 2000, we’ve been in the Era of Triumphs. The freeing of Gaza from Jewish colonizers, thanks to the sacrifices made in the Second Intifada, followed in 2005. The Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s Divine Victory was next in the summer of 2006. Yahoudling plots to dismember Palestine’s Mouqawamah in the Strip in ’08-’09, ’12 and ’14 were thwarted. Syria’s historic victory lap was set in motion to be taken with the recapture of Aleppo in December ’16. Now, Yemen’s final defeat of Yahoudi Arabia and the United Arab Rabbinates is also at hand. ‘Israel’ still absurdly thinks of itself as a powerhouse despite a losing streak that’s fast approaching two decades.

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And with this latest piece of evidence of ‘Israeli’ involvement in butchering Yemen’s citizenry, which comes just a few weeks after ‘Israeli’ agent Major Avichai Malka was assassinated in a counterattack by the Houthiyeen, let it be known that like the victories of their Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian Mouqawamist counterparts, the victory of Ansarullah’s Mighty Moujahideen will be etched in stone not merely over the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Western ZOGs… But ‘Israel’. The illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime and its stooge Dahlan should have stayed the hell away from the Yemeni swamp. Operation Porcupine ain’t get the job done a half century ago and the re-up ain’t working today either. May the Emirati tyrants swim in boiling oil for their crimes against humanity in Yemen as well as their efforts to spread normalization with the Zio-Tumor that deserves nothing but banishment from existence.

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