Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov said the war in Syria will not stop as long as it is desired by the United States and some European countries as they seek their own interests in the region.

“No matter how much the leadership of Syria, the Syrian people would like it, the war will not end until America, Israel, Europe and other coalition countries want it. The interests of many states have clashed there. Until these states agree on the need to end the war, the bloodshed will continue there,” Kadyrov said at a press conference late on Saturday.

Hostilities in Syria continue because militant groups fighting against government forces are receiving support from the countries mentioned, according to the Chechen leader.

The Syrian state managed to last due to Russia’s efforts, Kadyrov commented, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “as a peacemaker, acts in accordance with the norms of international community and protects the integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. Europe and the West have other interests.”

Russia is actively helping Syria to achieve peace throughout the country. In addition, the Regional Public Fund Akhmad Kadyrov, named in honor of Kadyrov’s late father, regularly sends humanitarian cargoes to Syria.

Kadyrov has always been an advocate for humanitarian efforts in Syria.

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TLast December two young children and their mother were rescued from Syria and flown to Grozny in Russia’s Chechen republic.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov outlined the details of the operation to retrieve the family in a post on his official Instagram account.

“Another operation to save Russian citizens from Syria and Iraq was successful,” Kadyrov wrote. “An airplane flying from Istanbul, Turkey landed at the Grozny airport. Among the passengers were two young natives of Chechnya, ten-year-old Islam and eight-year-old Tanzila. They had been taken to war-torn Syria by their father, who joined the ranks of the Daesh [ISIS] terrorists in 2015. This criminal recklessness could well have cost the children their lives…By the will of Allah, our efforts were crowned with success, and the children were returned to their homeland. They are now completely safe.”

Kadyrov thanked President Putin and everyone else involved in the ongoing effort to rescue children from the former Daesh-held territories. “We have repeatedly said that our work will continue until all our innocent compatriots who are in trouble in Syria or Iraq are saved,” he stressed.

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