‘KOSOVO JE SRBIJA’ – Serbian President Vucic SLAMS U.S Ambassador’s Insulting Comments on Kosovo


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic commented on US Ambassador Kyle Scott’s remark made a day before in response to a journalist’s question, when he said that Kosovo is recognized by his country as “a sovereign and independent country,” according to B92.

The diplomat made the comment after Serbian Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic and US Bechtel Group Senior Vice President Shaun Kenny signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the construction of a section of the so-called Morava Corridor, the report continued.

“If would have been nice had he shown an ounce more of respect for the host country,” Vucic said about Scott, adding that a representative of the Serbian government who was present during the event, “should have reacted.”

“Whatever that so-called Kosovo government is for you, for us it is so-called,” Vucic reiterated, and noted that was is not the job of a diplomat to make corrections, but to respond to questions posed to them.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t there,” Vucic observed, and added that had he been at the event, Scott would have received “a polite, well-measured response which would have protected Serbia’s state interests.”

He also recalled that this was not a new position of the US administration, and that for this reason, he is “more skeptical on the issue of Washington’s stance toward Kosovo and Metohija than Minister Dacic.”

The question remains, Vucic went on – “why do promoters of Kosovo as a sovereign state even negotiate with Serbia, why are they seeking a blessings (for it) in the UN from Serbia, if this is about a real government and a sovereign state.”

The president then concluded that “obviously big problems and challenges lie ahead of us, such as the announced possibility of forming an army in Kosovo.”

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“Why, and based on what resolution, what international document are you forming an army of Kosovo? Certainly not based on some internal act brought by the so-called Kosovo? Based on a UN resolution? On the Brussels agreement? Where’s it written? No place,” the president stated, and added:

“This is about pure violence, legal violence, from which then stems physical violence, and that’s what worries us.”

“Over hear nobody’s flying upside down, but to receive a proper response, exactly the way he is protecting the interests of the US, so he would have receive a proper, decent, responsible response from the point of view of Serbia’s interests,” Vucic said, when reporters wanted to know if Scott would have “flown” (i.e., be thrown out) had the president been present when the ambassador made his Kosovo comments.

Meanwhile, Serbia’s Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin has reacted harshly to the statement by the US ambassador in Belgrade, Kyle Scott, that Kosovo is not “an alleged state” and reminded the head of the diplomatic mission that Serbia “is not a colony”.

“Ambassador Scott in his impudence has forgotten that Serbia is not a colony and that it can not violate its dignity. The fact that Kosovo is ‘alleged’, not being a State, is confirmed by the fact that it is not member of the UN,” the minister said.

In 2008, Kosovo Albanian groups unilaterally proclaimed independence from in Pristina, and more than 100 UN member states officially recognized Kosovo. However, Serbia, like Russia, China, Spain, Iran, India and several other major countries along with nearly 90 others do not recognize the ‘independence’ of the Kosovo region of Serbia.

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