The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian republic of Tatarstan has dismantled a terrorist cell connected to the ISIS jihadist group (a terrorist organization banned in Russia and several other countries), the service reported.

The clandestine cell operated in the town of Naberezhnye Chelny.

“At the time of the seizure of armaments in warehouses in Naberezhnye Chelny, a member of the group was detained. Simultaneously, six other members and 11 citizens were arrested, affected by their activity,” the advisory said on Tuesday.

During the inspections, FSB agents seized firearms, ammunition, extremist literature, as well as ISIS insignia.

It is reported that members of the group planned to carry out several “large-scale provocations” in Russia and then join ISIS forces in Syria. Its leader had already been accused of spreading ideas of the terrorist organization.

This comes as only days ago the Federal Security Service thwarted a terrorist attack in Moscow that was being prepared by an ISIS cell.

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The group, made up of members of ISIS were led by representatives of the group in Syria.

Members of the group planned to carry out bombings in Moscow using homemade bombs and firearms, according to the official statement.

Altogether six militants were detained who were planning terror attacks in Moscow. In addition, automatic weapons, reports on the preparation of the bombings, schemes for manufacturing homemade bombs and money were seized. According to the official statement, a criminal investigation was initiated to determine other activities and operations of the group.

Previously, 26 terrorist crimes were prevented, including 15 likely attacks that were being planned by the ISIS group.

ISIS are especially targeting Russia since the Eurasian Giant with close coordination with the Syrian Army virtually defeated the terrorist organization in the Arab country. The terrorist group which once controlled about half of Syrian territory are reduced to small pockets in eastern Syria, with Kurdish-led forces struggling to defeat the last remnants.

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