Russia is now ready to give a concrete response to the new provocations by the West, which has recently lodged a series of accusations against Moscow, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Russian minister stressed that all accusations against Russia are launched through the media.

“We will be prepared for larger-scale provocations, but our response is very simple – if you speak to us through the media, we will respond in the same way, but in a concrete and correct way,” Lavrov said in an interview with RT France , Paris Match and Le Figaro.

“With all due respect for them [the media] and for the profession of journalism, we, as serious people, cannot examine the concrete problems that are thrown when the Russian Federation is accused of all mortal sins without recourse to the processes (norms) created for similar cases,” Lavrov said.

According to him, Moscow will wait for a “serious, professional and non-propagandistic” discussion with Western countries in a legal framework, when in these countries “the outbreak of political rage” ends.

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Relations between Russia and Western countries worsened due to the situation in Eastern Ukraine, where in 2014 a U.S-backed coup took place and also because of the Crimea, which later reunited with Russia after a referendum.

In addition, he expects NATO to be wise enough to avoid a large-scale war, but without proper dialogue with Russia, the risks of non-premeditated incidents have increased significantly.

“I believe everyone will be wise enough to avoid this, although we are undoubtedly very concerned about the absence of any professional dialogue between the Russian and NATO military,” Lavrov said.

Since then, the US, European Union and other countries have adopted several packages of sanctions against Russia. In addition, Western countries have accused Moscow of interfering in the last US presidential elections, the Brexit referendum, the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter and cyber attacks against international institutions such as WADA and OPAQ. The Russian authorities deny these allegations as totally unfounded, especially as no evidence has been provided to prove any of these claims.

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