As the diplomatic relationship between the U.S and Russia has long ago entered a seemingly unsalvageable free-fall, FRN has been made aware that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has now openly stated that the US is seeking to establish a “quasi-state” East of the Euphrates River in Syria.

“On Syrian territory there are vast lands East of the Euphrates River where absolutely unacceptable things are taking place. The US is trying to use these lands through their Syrian allies – above all, through the Kurds – in order to establish a quasi-state there,” said Lavrov during an interview with Paris Match and Le Figaro in Moscow.

“The US is by all means illegally seeking to establish a quasi-state on this territory, trying to do everything there to create the conditions for a normal way of living for their subordinates, creating a structure of authority which is an alternative to the legitimate [structure] of the Syrian Arabic Republic and actively assisting in the return of refugees and their settlement there,” he added.

“In that region the US is as a rule trying to keep the situation in a heated condition in order that everybody is on the edge. And in such muddy waters, it is much easier for them to catch the fish they want,” said Lavrov.

This confirms unanimous reports regarding the situation on the ground. This conflict has entered a stage where the U.S now generally supports ISIS related struggles openly, and uses these against that part of the so-called ‘FSA’ (or what remains of it) known in expert circles as the TFSA (Turkish-backed FSA), as well as Turkish-backed Al Qaeda units, formerly known as Al-Nusra.

The area in question rests upon the now defunct Iraq-Syria pipeline, which used to carry oil from Iraq to Syria. While a new project may circumvent the need for this, the existing pipeline – damaged in the war – still stands as the best place to restart trade, once repaired. The U.S occupying this position is therefore strategic in nature.

The US uses both ISIS and the SDF, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces to carry out this work. In short, the U.S (increasingly less covertly) backed ISIS to ‘seize’ parts of Syria from the legitimate Damascus-based government, and then used the Kurds and later SDF which it openly backs, to ‘liberate’ said areas. This resulted in a de facto U.S occupation which threatens to partition Syria.

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