Machado: Gender Ideology is a Necessary Step in the Destruction of the Human Species


Think-tanks, NGO’s and large corporations throughout the west promote gender ideology as a mandatory subject to be discussed in mass media, in the academic environment and even in primary schools. By means of their lobbies and their financial and financial power, the state will be allowed to legislate for standardisation of this aberration and invest in its dissemination.

Gender ideology, as it could be, is inseparable from the history of western liberalism, being only the post-Modern (and therefore post-Liberal) manifestation of the inevitable consequences of the very philosophical principles that place the individual in the centre and Above all.

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The Liberal Conception of freedom part of bourgeois freedoms (conscience, creed, exercise of profession, economy) for freedom derived from the absurdly impossible notion of “cannot”. if the body is object and not the subject itself, then it is possible to claim the Exercise of liberal conception of freedom on it.

Post-modern innovation there is child denial of the existence of a human nature. This denial maximizes the possible extent of the exercise of this liberal freedom over the body itself, disregarding all biological, social and cultural forces that historically codeterminam human existence.

From the individual (Modern) to individual (postmodern). Absent a human essence, man can exercise his will to change sex, race, or even species. And technological development is one of the instrumental forces that, associated with liberal ideology, opens the doors of transhumanism.

In This, the forces of dissolution are all associated, as well predicted by intellectuals such as Ernst Jünger and very well analyzed more recently by Aleksandr Dugin.

Ideology and technology became one thing at this late stage of postmodern capitalism. Global capitalist elites propel the species towards the pseudo-Messianic realization of their vision of the end of history, a vision in which humanity is ” liberated ” from all its limitations and ” ties “.

In the west it is no longer possible to speak of religion, hierarchy, family or the state in the full sense of the term. All the boundaries of these concepts have been violated. The violation of gender boundaries (which are so only two and linked to sex) is the necessary step for the own destruction of the human species.

But nobody asked the masses if that’s what they wanted. And the populist twists in several western countries in recent years indicates that this is not what the masses want.

The elite and the people are on opposite sides in the trenches of history again. This is the fundamental contradiction of our era and anyone who does not understand this will be relegated to the garbage can of history, as is happening with the liberal left.

Rejecting and combating gender ideology is not a question of “Conservatism” is a question of defending the human species itself and of authentic combat to liberalism.

Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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