Maduro on Colombian President: He’s a Devil With an Angel Face


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has accused his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, of promoting the division in the Venezuelan Armed Forces, calling him a “devil”.

“He looks like an angel, but he’s a devil who hates Venezuela and is conspiring daily against our country and against our Bolivarian National Armed Forces. From Colombia they fund the conspiracy to cause damage to our Armed Forces,” said Maduro during a public speech, broadcast on local television.

The Venezuelan leader also described the Colombian government as “dangerous” because “it combines a lot of hatred with inexperience,” AFP quoted him as saying.

During his speech, Maduro asked the country’s military for “maximum moral, loyalty and commitment” and repudiated those who “sell themselves to the Colombian oligarchy.”

The statements come after military judge Luz Santafé applied for asylum in Colombia and said that in 2017 she was forced to prosecute students and politicians who led the protests against Maduro by order of the national executive.

Elsewhere with Venezuela, Maduro announced on Monday that he plans to begin carrying out all Venezuelan oil sales transactions in the Petro cryptocurrency.

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“Venezuela needs to quickly move forward in the negotiations and sales of all its oil and oil products. All Venezuelan oil is expected to be sold soon in Petro,” Maduro said on state television.

According to him, it is necessary to prepare quickly for the sale of all aviation fuel through the Petro.

On February 20 the petro entered circulation, causing the Venezuelan country to become the first with its own crypto-currency and backed by hydrocarbon reserves. Previously, Maduro determined that the value of a petro would equal the price of one barrel of Venezuelan oil, that is, about US $60.

Petro emerged in late 2017 as a government plan to avoid sanctions imposed by the US government on its bonds and its main oil company, PDVSA. But prior to its pre-sale, US President Donald Trump has issued a decree against the crypto-currency, barring its purchase by any business or person in his country.

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