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The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, due to the corruption and huge misjudgments of its authorities. Increasingly, well-known human rights activists have taken great risks – under threats and duress from Ukrainian authorities – to speak directly to European authorities whom have some sway over Ukrainian policy.

One such campaigner is Ruslan Kotsaba, a well-known insider and Ukrainian activist and presently a prisoner of conscience. He has just attended the recent international round-table “Minsk II or War: Challenges to Conflict Resolution in Eastern Ukraine”, held in Brussels on October 10th. His underlying point was that Ukraine is forced to become the trash-compost for Europe, a genocide of civilians is taking place in Donbass, and the Ukrainian authorities messed up.

According to Kotsaba, Ukraine has become ‘mulch’, a fertilizing trash-compost of ‘cheap labor’ for EU countries:

“European countries are benefiting from the Ukrainian conflict, especially Poland and Czech Republic, that receive many Ukrainian migrants thus reinforcing their economic growth. We become a scrap-heap for Europe, and the Ukraine itself is kicking the bucket”

Kotsaba described the Donbass situation to Eurodeputies:

The situation in Donbass with temporary checkpoints is awful, people are simply dying, the Ukrainian State has humiliated them and makes them die.. I consider it to be a Ukrainian civil genocide,

He also mentioned, that Ukraine is caught between a rock and a hard place in geopolitical conflict between Russia and the US, and Ukrainian authorities really failed in their attempt to play both sides.

He just came from Strasbourg where the PACE meeting was held and where he witnessed the Ukrainian MP and the PACE deputy Alexey Goncharenko receiving a particular warning from the Chair “We’re not in a theatre or circus tent”. Goncharenko was wearing Hazmat gloves because he was afraid of “Novichok”, he said.  Kotsaba grinned: “I think, in this case it’s him being drunk”.

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He also added that all deputies were shocked when the PACE Secretary General was not able to speak because the Ukrainian delegation started making a ruckus just like they do back home, in the Verkhovna Rada.

Kotsaba appealed to the Eurodeputies to restrain the Ukrainian authorities: “I ask you to restrain the Ukrainian government, because it more or less follows your orders. They have already killed the Ukrainian economy, but international loans and financial infusions allow it to behave wildly.”

“The Ukrainian government is guided by hate and destruction”, said Kotsaba.  If Europe can restrain it, all political prisoners will be released and all the captives will be exchanged”.

The Ukrainian prisoner of conscience also noted that there are extreme rightist parties ruling Ukraine, and Europeans do not want to recognize that: “Why do you keep silence when the Ukrainian delegations arrive? You must know that Andrey Parubiy, the Ukrainian parliament speaker, is a founding member of Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine that was registered by Department of Justice? Why don’t you say that Parubiy was criminally prosecuted for throwing smoke bombs during the previous parliament sessions”?
“They should be persona non grata, you know?”,  said Kotsaba.

For Ruslan Kotsaba’s full speech in the Europarliament, you can watch it here:


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