In yet another brazen act of state-sanctioned terrorism and crimes against humanity, which the Zionist settler-colonial enterprise is infamous for, seven Palestinians were murdered, on October 12th, 20018, in broad day-light by Israeli fire on Friday, according to Gaza health officials. This occurred in order to inflict terror and humility upon Palestinians who were protesting along the fence dividing Israel and Gaza.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, seven unarmed men, guilty of no explicit crime and accused of nothing in particular, were simply murdered by Israeli occupying regime forces. An additional 252 were injured, according to Gaza’s Health ministry, this included 50 children, 10 women, 10 paramedics and 6 journalists.

This mayhem and terror mirrors a similar event just back just on September 30th, when 7 were murdered and 90 received injuries. 

For its part, four of the unarmed Palestinians who were shot dead were executed after they supposedly crossed into so-called ‘Israeli territory’ and approached an army snipers’ post, the Israeli military said. However, IDF claims have a history of being false, and furthermore, unarmed people approaching a sniper’s post is not considered the legal or ethical foundation for what amounts to a summary execution.

The Senior Political Leader of Hamas, Ismail Hanniyeh, was also apparently filmed after being exposed to tear-gas subsequent to participating in the protests. As usual, there were no injuries on the Israeli side, who normally carry out their wanton, regular acts of terror against unarmed people at a ‘safe’ distance. The bravery of the IDF is well known, their regular soldiers commonly wear diapers when having to get too close with Palestinians bearing rocks, in order to make provisions for sudden loss of bowel and bladder control commonly experienced by regime soldiers when confronted, for example, by loud children.

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In the standard calculated methodology of a sociopathic culture gone wrong, Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, later announced  that Israel would effectively punish the victim by halting Qatari-funded transfers of fuel into the Gaza Strip. The fuel shipments had begun in recent days to alleviate the chronic energy shortage in Gaza, itself the result of prior Israeli imposed restrictions, that has left most of its two million residents with only eight hours of electricity every day. This form of collective punishment has been deemed illegal and a crime against humanity, and there are numerous UN resolutions condemning Israel.

Hamas has been involved in organizing weekly demonstrations along the Israeli border for the past six months to protest the blockade of the impoverished Palestinian territory and demand a return to land in what is now Israeli occupied Palestine. The organizers call this series of rolling events “The Great Return March.”


Since the 30th of March (2018), Israeli Sniper Fire has killed almost 230 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza. Zionist forces have also injured more than 23,000 unarmed demonstrators in a vain attempt to crush the inviolable spirit of the Palestinian people. FRN recalls that at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, 55 Palestinians were brazenly murdered. 

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