MAJOR: Russia warns against another US attack against it in Syria



Published on: Oct 26, 2018 @ 15:02 – Considering US behavior in Syria and the capabilities of Russian anti-aircraft defense systems, there can be no doubts: the Russian Defense has accurate and reliable data on the recent drone attack on the Russian base area of ​​Hymenim in Syria, military specialist

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Aleksandr Fomin recently stated that a US reconnaissance aircraft coordinated the massive drone attack on Hmeymim’s Russian airbase in Syria.

According to the deputy minister, it was an American Poseidon “with modern equipment” that carried out the control of the drones in that case.

The director of political-military research at the Moscow International Relations University, Aleksei Podberezkin, condemned US behavior in Syria, also underscoring the capabilities of Russian anti-aircraft defense systems in the region.

“From a technical-military point of view, there can be no doubt at all, as the electronic warfare facilities stationed in Syria, especially those linked to the S-300 and S-400 missile complexes, are absolutely safe and are guaranteed to be capable of determine the parameters of air confrontation […],” he said.

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In particular, the expert pointed out that Russia “has complete control of the situation”, adding that the advanced technologies of the country allow “to say with a minute of precision […] in which point was this or that military object and how he acted.”

Speaking about US actions in Syria, the military expert described Washington’s policy as “hypocritical,” especially when it comes to ISIS.

“They deny being linked to Daesh [ISIS], but in fact they are supporting other groups that are part of it. They help not only financially, but also with weapons and brand-new technical means. Any anti-government activity is based on technologically advanced [foreign] support. This is nothing new: without US foreign aid, armed opposition groups could not last even a week,” he said.

Terrorists in Syria are often using unmanned flying vehicles at the time of launching attacks, including at Russia’s Hmeymim’s base. Only in August of this year, the base’s anti-air defense systems downed 47 drones.

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