Published on: Oct 7, 2018 @ 20:58 – FRN has received numerous reports that American helicopters have airlifted wounded members of the ISIS terrorist group from Syria’s oil-rich eastern Deir Ezzor Province, most not of Syrian origin. Syrian media quoted reliable local sources saying that the terrorists had been relocated from the town of al-Shaafah near the Iraqi border to an unknown location on Saturday night.

It was apparently not the first airlifting of terrorists by the US in Syria as there has already been numerous reports of such transfers. The evacuation comes amid fresh sweeping advances by Syrian army soldiers and allied fighters against the Takfiris on the battlefield, seeing ISIS lose power across the Arab republic. In recent months, ISIS has been driven out of much of the territory under its control.

Latest reports say there has been clashes between Isis elements and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed coalition of mainly Kurdish militants, around the Deir Ezzor city of Hajin.

The skirmishes have left a number of people dead and injured on both sides.

Last September, Syrian government forces managed to enter Deir Ezzor city, breaking an ISIS siege of nearly three years on government-held parts of the provincial capital.

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Two months later, the Syrian military announced that it had fully liberated the Deir Ezzor city of Bukamal, ISIS’ last urban stronghold in the country.

Now, ISIS controls small pockets of Deir Ezzor Province, much of it just empty desert.

The Syrian army currently prepares for ridding the northwestern Idlib Province of several foreign-backed militant groups.

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