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by Jonathan Azaziah – We’ll be blunt. If you don’t know what the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (or P2OG for short) is, then you have zero business offering up even a word of commentary about Iraq and what’s afflicting its social fabric. The recent murders of several prominent Iraqi women reflect an uptick in activity by P2OG in concert with its partner, the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad, not “extremism” as it is being diagnosed by the always-deceitful, always-insidious, always-Judaized corporate media. Popular Iraqi-Lebanese Christian model Tara Fares, highly-regarded beautician Rasha al-Hassan, plastic surgeon Rafeef al-Yassiri and well-known women’s rights activist Suad al-Ali have all been murdered over the last two months under exceedingly mysterious circumstances.

Now Miss Iraq 2015 Shimaa Qasim Abdulrahman and Instagrammer Israa al-Obaidi are receiving death threats too. Abdulrahman for her part said that women are being “slaughtered like chickens”. But she, like the global Zionist media echo chamber, are engaging in full-blown hysteria. Women, like men, have been “slaughtered like chickens” in Iraq ever since America invaded on the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s behalf in March 2003. Just as Sunnis and Shi’a have. Just as Christians and Ezadis have. Just as Arabs and Turkmen, Kurds and Assyrians have. Children, the elderly and the disabled too. All of Iraq, including every walk of life, has been slaughtered like a chicken and it’s always the same hands immersed in the spilling of our blood. The killings of the aforementioned female personalities are no exception.

Nevertheless, liberals, “feminists” and Saudi, Qatari and Emirati media–those paragons of women’s rights–have been frothing at the mouth about “Shi’a extremism” as well as “Khomeiniist Islamism” and “murderously conservative Iraqi society” ever since the news about Tara Fares being gunned down in her Porsche went viral. The putrid and pathetic hate and misogyny slung at the Iraqi social media influencer following her death by more than a few animalistic commenters online and on Iraqi TV haven’t helped quell this false narrative. But make no mistake, it is a false narrative indeed. And this uncomfortable fact supplements the analysis: Even if an “extremist group” is responsible for the killing of each of these women, particularly Tara Fares, as Iraqi Interior Minister Qassem al-Araji declared just a few days ago, that’s not the end of the story. Which brings us back to where we began: P2OG.

Founded by Jewish-Zionist war criminal William Schneider, then-head of the Pentagon’s shadowy Defense Science Board, and overseen by Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, psychopathic Jewish-Zionist architects of the annihilation of Iraq, neocon-infested P2OG is a literal false flag agency–one that has billions of dollars at its disposal. It kills Sunnis and makes it look like Shi’a did it. It kills Shi’a and makes it look like Sunnis did it. It kills Kurds and blames it on Arabs and vice versa. And so on. It plants bombs. It does sabotage. It orchestrates kidnappings. And its most notorious tactic: Cold-blooded shootings done by masked assailants on motorcycles. You might recognize this modus operandi from the Islamic Republic of Iran, where it was utilized by Mossad to assassinate several Iranian nuclear scientists. Your recognition skills would be on point because… Again… P2OG works hand-in-glove with the ‘Israeli’ death squad to keep Iraq in turmoil.

One of its especially sanguinary creations is a “Shi’a” terrorist group known as the Zulfiqar Army that killed scores of Sunnis in 2005 and 2006 as well as droves of Shi’a–who represent the majority of Iraqi society–that fought with Jaysh al-Mahdi and rejected the authority of the occupation-installed regime in 2007 and 2008. The Zulfiqar Army, like P2OG itself, despite the changing of the guard between Bush and Obama and then between Obama and Trump, was never disbanded. The ruthless murder of Tara Fares and the other victims fits P2OG’s stratagem to the letter.

Noteworthy individuals. Societal pressure point (gender). Critical political situation (throes of a hotly contested election). Done in broad daylight with a degree of sloppiness to throw investigators off the scent. Media campaign orchestrated immediately after to deepen the cover-up. P2OG pushed all the volatile buttons and pulled all the proper strings to achieve its desired outcome. What might that be, you ask? Just look at the landscape of the regime. The “Shi’a Islamists” that Zion and its Muslim-hating Shabbos Goyim hate so much are out. The “centrist”, i.e. the Western-Zionist puppet, Adel Abdul Mahdi al-Mountafiqi is in. In other words, P2OG murdered its way to a pliable premier.

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We further observe that the killings of high-profile women began as the Basra protests, another act of destabilization riddled with P2OG-Mossad fingerprints, wound down. Verily, the two events are linked in an exceedingly large way and while the “I am woman, hear me roar” man-haters will be triggered by this, we’re less than obliged to give much of a damn: Suad al-Ali was no innocent. She was central to the Basra protests and was coordinating her movements with the US Consul General in Basra, Timmy Davis–a trusted gopher of war criminal Hillary Clinton and former Senior Watch Officer of the State Department Operations Center, which means in all likelihood that he is CIA too. Thus, she was a P2OG asset and very well may have been assassinated as a means of the Monsters cleaning up loose ends once they zeroed in on bringing Mountafiqi into the fold.

Tragic? Meh. No less tragic than US-UK-Zionist intelligence asset and Ikhwanji-Takfiri mouthpiece Jamal Khashoggi allegedly being murdered by an ‘Israeli’-Egyptian-assisted Saudi death squad. Lay down with dogs and come up with fleas. Lay down with Jews and stay down after P2OG-Mossad bullets are fired into your frame. Nature of such a dirty business. It should also be noted that Tara Fares was living in the “Kurdistan” capital of Erbil–what Iraqis call “Isra’eel al-Asghar (Little ‘Israel’)” because it is riddled with so many ‘Israelis’–an odd place for an Iraqi-Lebanese Christian to be, assuredly. With nearly 3 million Instagram followers, contacts with big beauty companies owned by figures connected to Organized Jewry, increased media attention and the intimate ties that ‘Israel’ has to the city she called home, we have to ask: Knowing or unknowing, was she in the pay of P2OG and its networks as well? And did they set her up to be a sacrificial lamb in their ongoing destabilizationist war against Iraq? She certainly wouldn’t be the first Iraqi beauty queen–here’s looking at you, traitorous Sarah Idan–who served Zionist interests. But with the corrupt regime in Baghdad at the helm of digging into the murder, perhaps we’ll never really know.

The impact of the killings has helped World Zionism continue with its war on Islam in a big way, depicting it as “backwards” and “incompatible with women’s rights”, not to mention denigrating Iraqis as “misogynistic barbarians” with “fragile masculinity” who just “can’t handle” scores of “new” Iraqi women “who want to be seen”. Vacuous liberal drivel for sure… Sorosite even… But with the absence of any meaningful analysis that accurately points the finger at the demonic forces who malevolently hate Iraq and have sought to keep our nation in darkness for decades… It is such drivel that is prospering.

Nobody benefits from the targeting of Iraqi women but the Empire that wants Iraq bleeding from a thousand cuts so it never builds itself back up again into a regional powerhouse that can assist the fight against Zionist hegemony. Remove all emotions and look at the six-pointed-star-branded happy merchants laughing in your faces. “Islamic extremists” didn’t murder Tara Fares, Rasha al-Hassan, Rafeef al-Yassiri and American proxy Suad al-Ali. The P2OG-Mossad nexus did. The same chosenoid gang which has tormented us for the last 15 years. How many more Iraqi women (and men) have to be murdered before you recognize this for the criminal Yahoudling scheme that it is?

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