Published on: Oct 27, 2018 @ 21:20 – With the exception of Poland and the Baltic states, no NATO member sees signs that Moscow is planning a conventional attack, reports the German magazine Die Welt.

The author of the article, Christoph Schiltz, expresses doubts about the need for Alliance exercises in Norway.

According to Schiltz, there are serious differences within NATO regarding Russia. Beyond Poland and the Baltic countries, NATO partners “see no signs that Moscow is planning a conventional attack.”

The Alliance believes that the threat of so-called hybrid warfare is “far more likely” with the use of “cyber weapons, misinformation, and instigators.”

Thus, the author of the article asks: “Why then this joke in Norway with the participation of 50 thousand soldiers and 10 thousand units of equipment?”.

NATO understands that “in the case of a threat of real conflict, the possibilities will be limited,” notes the author.

“This refers to infrastructure, vehicles, military capabilities in the air and at sea, as well as the transfer of large military units to the East. And here a question arises: are such large-scale maneuvers still relevant today?” asks Schiltz.

Joint NATO Trident Juncture maneuvers began in Norway on October 25 and will end on November 7, involving about 50,000 soldiers, 250 aircraft and 65 vessels from 31 countries. The number of soldiers from northern European countries reaches more than 13,000 troops, including about 2,000 soldiers from Sweden.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commenting on the Alliance’s plans, stated that these exercises have a “clear” anti-Russian orientation, and that the participation of Finland and Sweden in the maneuvers leads to a deterioration of the situation in the region.

NATO continues to antagonize Russia through these aggressive military exercises near its border as well as admitting new members to the alliance that are neighbors of the Eurasian Giant. Despite this, Moscow continues to try and find methods to have cordial relations with the West.

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