Published on: Oct 17, 2018 @ 10:25 – Advisor to the Russian Radio-Electronic Technologies Consortium explains how Damascus’s defense capabilities will be strengthened after the incident with the Russian plane Il-20 in Syria which was downed, according to the official story, by Syria but accurately blamed on Israel nevertheless. According to this, Israel will ‘never again’ be able to attack Syrian military assets by air. Furthermore, Russia has committed to also aid Syria towards this end. It will use its advanced communications jamming technology, including EMP, which surpasses that which is used in NATO’s arsenal, to ‘isolate’ Israeli craft in mid-air, and will also eliminate the tracking capacities of Israeli missiles and bombs.

On September 17, an S-200 missile from the Syrian air defense system allegedly shot down an Il-20 Russian aircraft that was returning to Hmeymim base. The downing occurred when four Israeli F-16 fighters attacked Syrian facilities in Latakia.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Israeli pilots used the Russian airplane as a cover, leaving it subject to the fire of the Syrian anti-aircraft system. The incident resulted in the deaths of 15 Russian military personnel. The Russian Defense Ministry said the Israeli side had not warned it of the planned operation in Syria and that the responsibility for the downing of the plane is entirely from Tel Aviv.

In that connection, Moscow took the decision to provide Damascus with anti-aircraft defense systems to protect Syria’s airspace and to ensure the safety of Russian military personnel serving in the Arab country. Russia has already delivered to Syria several S-300 air defense systems and electronic countermeasures units.

FRN can now confirm that this equipment has already been deployed in Syria. These are, in particular, systems against drones and against high-precision weaponry.

Vladimir Mikheev, deputy director general of the Russian company, Consortium for Radioelectronic Technologies, explained to the Russian edition Army Standard how this equipment will increase the defensive capabilities of the country.

The specialist said that this equipment has been used to collect information, but that, from now on, the units will be on alert.

“So it will not be possible as before to fly the area with total impunity and bombard it,” he said.

In particular, he warned that the electronic warfare means it will neutralize the activity of aircraft, bombs and missiles.

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The adviser specified that Russia is now creating in Syria a system similar to that which existed in the USSR:

“Everyone knew that no one except the USSR had a similar anti-aircraft defense, which included radar for all altitudes, a short- and long-range missile system, and the protection of their own systems.”

As the air defense systems will remain active, they will be able to detect enemy planes as soon as they start moving on the runway. In addition, the new equipment can determine the capabilities of the aircraft.

If the airplane’s objectives seem malicious, electronic action will be taken. That is, the suspected aircraft will lose communication and navigation and will not be able to transmit data to its land base or other aircraft.

If the aircraft, even “blind”, continues the flight, defense systems will send a signal to identify it as “friend or foe.” In case the aircraft is determined as an enemy, your pilot will receive a warning that he is in sight.

Assuming that the aircraft enters the prohibited area despite all warnings, its control systems will be blocked. In the end, if the threatening behavior is maintained, the military can use weapons against the plane, concluded the expert.

This is how classic anti-aircraft defense systems work, which have significantly better capabilities than autonomous mobile systems.

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