by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – Noam Chomsky has always been a Zionist pig. Lulling unsuspecting, burgeoning Anti-Imperialists into his web and selling them his “Manufacturing Consent” elementariness while in fact manufacturing dissent and leading them far, far away from the Empire of Zion that rules over the overwhelming majority of nation-states from east to west. The latest proof of his insidiousness is a real pisser, declaring support in The Intercept’s “American Dissident” podcast for the US occupation of certain parts of northern Syria as a means of protecting the “Rojava” project of the ‘Israeli’-aligned Kurdish separatist terrorists. Typical, really, considering The Intercept itself and its “journalism superstar” Glenn Greenwald have also been integral to the media war against the resistant Syrian state. That noted though, if you’re flabbergasted, then you’ve clearly been fast asleep for the past 7 years because Chomsky’s been as vocal vis-a-vis the Zionist-led regime change scheme against the Syrian Arab Republic as the neocon dingbats at the FDD.

Just last April as a matter of fact, Chomsky joined a group of “progressives” called the Emergency Committee for Rojava, including political theorist at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study as well as hardcore Zionist Michael Walzer and “feminist” Jews Judith Butler (a Gay International mainstay and crypto-Zionist JVP stalwart), Gloria Steinem (a CIA asset) and Debbie Bookchin (daughter of Anarcho-Zionist, Nakba-denier and ideological architect of the Kurds’ political project Murray Bookchin) calling for the American regime to sanction Turkey and continue militarily supporting the Kurds who are carving up Syrian territory for their own ethno-chauvinist aims in perfect compatibility with the usurping Judaic entity’s Oded Yinon plan.

Notice that Chomsky and his tribalist cohorts Butler, Steinem, Bookchin and Walzer would never, never, never, EVER advocate for America or any other country, superpower or not, to provide arms, training, logistics, intelligence and aerial support to the Palestinian people who have been victimized, colonized, displaced and massacred by Zionists for 70 years now. So Kurdish gangs pursuing an ‘Israeli’ stratagem of balkanization in the name of “democracy” and “feminism” and “human rights” and “socialism”? Kosher for US backing. Palestinians resisting the ‘Israeli’ stratagem of wiping them out of existence in the name of Yahweh? Unkosher and banished from the realm of US backing for all-time. Not that the Palestinian Resistance wants or would ever accept assistance from the American ZOG, it’s simply the principle of the matter. In the eyes of Chomsky and his ilk, it’s nonviolence and nonviolence alone for Palestinians if they want the “enlightened” support of “the chosen people”. Act like “Arab Gandhis” or be denied even the most basic humane acknowledgement. A hypocrisy to end all hypocrisies.

Do take into consideration that the aforementioned examples of Chomsky’s chicanery on Syria don’t tip the iceberg in the slightest degree. He’s called the democratically elected and popularly supported Syrian government “murderous” as well as “monstrous” and “brutal” with puke-triggering regularity. Indeed, these neocon adjectives are an integral part of his very lexicon. He’s waxed lyrical about the fake “revolution”, fawning over it and labeling it a “popular and democratic protest movement”. He openly declared that it was a “problem” that Assad couldn’t be ousted, bashed Russia–which has helped Syria and its other allies defeat terrorism–as “horrible” and defended Obama’s nightmarish polices in the Levant because there wasn’t an alternative. How about NOT providing billions of dollars in arms to head-chopping, church-burning, shrine-razing, Saudi-schooled psychopaths?! There’s an alternative for you, Noamie!

And speaking of the fake “revolution”, he’s also peddled the terrible lie that there are many “secular and democratic” elements to the “opposition”. This is categorically false as a) such groups were infinitesimal and entirely lacking anything resembling influence and b) literal fig leaves for the dominant armed brigades who ALL adhere to savage, sectarian, sanguinary Takfiri-Wahhabi thought.

While appearing to question the mainstream coverage of alleged gas attacks in Syria, he never missed an opportunity to say that “the Assad regime” very well could be responsible for such atrocities and is “capable” of them too, planting legerdemain-filled seeds in the minds of readers and listeners that it couldn’t be the “rebels”–who not only had access to chemical weapons but have been caught red-handed actually using them–behind these crimes, only Assad. And most insidiously, at arguably the most critical time of the entire war on Syria in 2013, he laughably suggested on a plethora of platforms that Washington and “Tel Aviv” particularly were not in fact trying to overthrow Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad nor giving guns to the terrorists and that it was all just part of the “Sunni-Shi’a conflict” anyway with “Syrians tearing themselves apart”. Imagine that this drivel passes for intellectuality.

Faux intellectuality actually. A mask (of Zion) for obfuscation. And truth be told, this sort of obfuscation is symptomatic of Chomsky’s entire tenure as a “trusted” academic and geopolitical commentator. On Libya, Noam the Gnome spread the poison that there was a “rebellion” that started “nonviolently” and then Qadhafi was about to commit “slaughter” in Benghazi, even quoting arch-Zionist Dennis Ross to back up his point that America had to intervene to stop it. This is unequivocally false. Not only was there no impending massacre nor an impending genocide… Even Zio-devil, war criminal and CFR Prez Richard N. Haass admitted as much… And not only was the “rebellion” armed from jump street by NATO, the GCC and ‘Israel’… All the (dis)info to the contrary was provided by the Zionist-founded, ‘Israeli’-led UN Watch. On Iraq, Chomsky the Conman reiterates the sectarian trash that he started on Syria, putridly saying that Sunnis are living in fear of Shi’a, and to this very day maintains the elephantine fallacy that the ’03 invasion was a war for oil. It wasn’t. It was a war for ‘Israel’. From soup to nuts. Hook, line and sinker.Chomsky may have done more to deflect attention off the overwhelming presence of Shlomo in every aspect of the destabilization and subsequent annihilation of Iraq than any other personality from the global leftist intelligentsia.

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Chomsky absurdly dismisses the power of the ‘Israel’ Lobby and Jewish influence in general. He opposes boycotting the Zionist entity and while the meeker, weaker and more servile among “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists were pathetically jumping for joy when he “clarified” this opposition by saying he doesn’t support artists being used for ‘Israeli’ propaganda, he nevertheless upheld that he has tactical differences with the very idea of the boycott. He supports the continued existence of the Zio-Tumor and the presence of the Zio-Tumor’s cancerous cells (read: ‘Israeli’ colonizers), fluctuating back and forth between calls for a “two-state solution”and a “bi-national state”. Noam! Your Zionism is showing!

On 9/11, he insanely declares, “But even if the claims of an inside job were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? I mean, it doesn’t have any significance.” Perhaps Chomsky the Counterfeiter suggests this tomfoolery because he doesn’t want to blow the cover of his coreligionists who masterminded the false flag attack and their Shabbos Goy agents. On the JFK assassination, Chomsky inexplicably doesn’t think it was an important event. Again, perhaps this is because, as American nationalist luminary Michael Collins Piper expertly and powerfully documented in his masterpiece “Final Judgement”, it was a network of Zionist Jews who were responsible for the hit. Even on an issue that he has written extensively about, one that he is considered a maven on, i.e. the malevolent role of United Fruit Company in the torment of various Latin American states and peoples, he mind-blowingly never discussed–not even once– that its owner Samuel Zemurray was a fanatical Zionist Jew who used the profits from the corporation as fundraising capital to buy guns for the Jewish terrorist militias that would ethnically cleanse Palestine.Noam! Your Zionism’s STILL showing!

There’s a perfect explanation for these positions too. It comes right from the mouth of the wily ol’ Yahoudling coyote himself, “I inevitably view the continuing [‘Israeli’-Palestinian] conflict from a very specific point of view, colored by these personal relationships, Perhaps this personal history distorts my perspective.” Finally! Some honesty from Chomsky the Charlatan! What he’s speaking of is his “past” life as a Zionist youth leader. He was a kibbutznik too. That’s right. Mr. “I Criticizes US Imperialismz Lotz and Lotz, I Swear I Does” participated in the colonization of Palestine. In light of this, it’s rather asinine that he’s EVER been looked at as a “dissident” when this “dissidence” never colored outside the lines that World Zionism designated for the Goyim on American college campuses–the lines being “American wars bad, very bad, let’s do radical protests bro, hell yeah” and “Existence of the fake Jewish ‘state’ good, very good, ’cause muh 6 Million (™) and muh lampshades and soap (™), don’t ever question it Goys”. Noam… Your Jewish supremacism is showing too. And it’s hideous.

To conclude, we have to stress that the title of this piece wasn’t being audacious for audacity’s sake. The Kurdish groups supported by Chomsky ARE ‘Israeli’-aligned and they ARE terrorists. You just don’t hear about it in the Zionist media. Just a few weeks ago, the PYD/YPG gangsters shut down four Syriac Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox schools in the northeastern Syrian cities of Qamishli, Darbasiyah and Derik. They’re also beating the daylights out of Assyrian community leaders and arresting as well as silencing Assyrian journalists documenting their abuses and ethno-sectarian cleansing–which is being perpetrated not only against Assyrians in Hasakeh but against Arabs in Raqqa too. Moreover, the PYD/YPG and their parent organization, the PKK, are notorious for their recruitment of child soldiers as young as just 7 years old, which stems from a most sickening criminal practice of abducting kids, as well as trafficking narcotics, including heroin, hashish and cocaine. And going back to at least 2004, just two years after the PYD was founded, the Kurdish gangs terrorizing Syrians of all stripes have been receiving intelligence and operational support for commando-style military engagements from the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime.

In the grand scheme of things, Chomsky the chosenoid Cullion’s enthusiasm for the US occupation of Syria is right in line with all of his other abominable stances. For Chomsky, like any Zionist, regardless of whether they claim rightism or leftism, Zionism or “Anti-Zionism”, what’s good for the Jews is good and what’s bad for the Jews is bad. Supporting the Kurds and having the world’s hegemon be at their beckoned call falls into the former category. Thus, it should be strikingly obvious: The man is a shill. A gatekeeper. An agent of disinformation and misinformation, depending on the scenario. As we mentioned in our opening, a manufacturer of dissent, ironically enough. “Professor” Noam personifies limited hangout. His aim is to cover the tracks of Zion on both the micro and macro levels. One of Shlomo’s sentinels. Could even be one of Shlomo’s spooks. And treating him as anything else isn’t merely a difference in opinion, it’s a perversion of reality. He’s not a friend of the Syrian Arab Republic or Palestine. He’s a friend of the Halakhic-Talmudic land-thieves. He’s not an adversary of Zio-Imperialism, his “career of criticisms” aside. He provides critical services for Zio-Imperialism… And its Kurdish tools. It’s all been laid out here in wallpaper that’s blue-white-six-pointed-starred-and-menorah’ed-all-over. Don’t feign ignorance again.

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