Remembering Che Guevara – Juan Peron on the October 9th Martyrdom

By Juan Domingo Peron


From Open Revolt – 2011 –


I have received with deep sorrow the news of an irreparable loss to the cause of our people struggling for their liberation.

We are united with those who have embraced this ideal, anywhere in the world and under any flag, who fight against injustice, misery and exploitation. We are united with all the courage and determination of those that face the insatiable greed of imperialism, with the complicity of the military oligarchy and  puppet states propped up by the Pentagon to keep the people oppressed.

Today in this struggle, a hero fell, the most extraordinary young man to  give his life to the revolution in Latin America,  Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara.

His death breaks my heart because he was one of us, perhaps better than us all, an example of selfless behavior, the spirit of sacrifice and renunciation.  The strong belief in the righteousness of the cause he embraced, gave him the strength and courage, courage that today elevated him to the status of hero and martyr.

I have read that some seek to portray him as an enemy of Peronism. Nothing is more absurd. Supposing it were true that in 1951 he had been linked to an attempted coup, how old were you then? I myself, being a young officer, participated in the coup that overthrew the popular government of Hipolito Irigoyen. I also at that time was used by the oligarchy.

The important thing is to recognize those mistakes and correct them. And Che fixed them!

In 1954, when Guatemala struggled to defend the government of Jacobo Arbenz against the arrogant armed intervention of the Yankees, I personally gave instructions to the Foreign Ministry to help solve the difficult situation facing this brave young Argentine and this is how  he left for Mexico.

His life, his epic – is the clearest example to our young people, young people throughout Latin America.

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There will always be those who will attempt to tarnish his name. Imperialism has a huge fear of charisma, and  he managed to win the hearts of the masses of our subjugated people.  Already I have received news that the Argentine Communist Party, has begun a hypocritical smear campaign to discredit him. This is not surprising, because it was always known that they act contrary to the historical national interest. They were always against  the national and popular movements.  We Peronists can attest to that.

The Hour of the people’s national revolution in Latin America has struck, and this is an irreversible process.  The current balance will be broken!   It is childish to think that no revolution can overcome the resistance of the oligarchy and it’s imperialist investor monopolies.

The socialist revolution must be carried out, no matter under what flag the revolution is fought.  We should stand united for the sake of all our national movements.  Solidarity among ourselves and in the face of the  privileged exploiters.

Most Latin American governments are not going to solve national problems simply because they do not care about the national interests.

To carry out the socialist revolution, revolutionary speeches are not enough. We need  organized revolutionary action, strategy and tactics, to make  the revolutionary victory possible.

At the forefront of this should be those who embrace the struggle! This fight will be tough, but the final victory will be won for our people. Our enemies have a significant financial advantage over us, but we have an extraordinary moral force that gives us confidence in the justice of our struggle and the historical justification of our actions.

Peronism, in accordance with the traditions of our struggle and, as a national, popular revolutionary movement, give our tribute to the idealist and the revolutionary Comandante Che Guevara – Argentine guerrilla, who was killed in combat, fighting for the national revolutionary victory  in Latin America.


  • Juan Domingo Peron 
    Madrid, October 24, 1967
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