Revisionism amok: Institute for the Study of the Third Reich opens in Kiev

Thesis: Russia to blame for the evils of Nazism, but Nazism itself was ahead of its time.

Vladimir Fedko, on TV explaining what his research institute is all about
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Peoples Observer, Ukraine

Published on: Oct 13, 2018 @ 18:28  – In the TV show, the sins of the Third Reich are blamed on Russia. A sample of the revisionism, from the video at the above site:
The repressive policies of the Third Reich against the Slavic and Jewish population were inspired and organized by Martin Bormann, the main agent of Stalin. War crimes against the civilian population were not caused by the ideology of national-socialism, but were imposed from the outside.

Stalin managed to seize control of Roosevelt, Churchill and Hitler. In each of the three cases, different means were used.

The text of the publication:

The Research Institute of the Third Reich was founded in Kyiv on August 25, 2018 – on the holiday of Hartland.
The co-founder and head of the Third Reich Research Institute Vladimir Fedko is a military historian, volunteer, and held rank of major general: Fascism is a mass movement of the middle class.

The founding of the Third Reich Research Institute was announced during a video show Intermarium.TV all about Martin Bormann, Stalin’s most prominent agent.

The need to establish the Institute is due to a new wave of world interest in the history of the Twentieth Century. Such interest was facilitated by the opening of secret archives, in particular the “Venus Project”, as well as extensive research by American authors, Russian historians and testimonies from former Soviet intelligence officers.

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Significant was the publication in Germany Hitler, Mein Kampf, in two volumes (Eine kritische Edition: Hitler, Mein Kampf) in early January 2016. This outstanding scholarly work was carried out by the Institute for Modern History (Munich), funded by the federal government of Germany.

However, the main reason for the establishment of a research institute is the global transition to a post-industrial society and, accordingly, humanity’s search for new ideas and organizational forms. The value of the experience of the Third Reich is that it was to a large extent a prototype of a post-industrial state, a kind of civilization experiment – a “rough sample” almost a century ahead of its time.

Therefore, the work of the Research Institute will be based not only on the objective study of the history of the Third Reich, but also on the allocation of post-industrial decisions that are useful for the creation of Hartland, the nucleus of a new civilization.

In the following articles we will discuss in more detail the purpose, conception and practical activities of the Research Institute of the Third Reich.

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