Rogue Killer? The Khashoggi Case Places Trump at a Dangerous, Difficult Crossroad

By Diego Pappalardo


By Diego Pappalardo – The capture, disappearance and, so far, according to highly serious and truthful reports, death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, are contextualized in the new geopolitical orientation of the Saudi kingdom. The KSA is under the political hegemonic leadership of Mohammed bin Salman that is directly merged with the Zionist hawks and with characters that they want to enter the system of Washington’s power to ascend to become a nucleus, as is the case of Jared Kushner. In view of this, for some time now there has been a conflict between power groups in Saudi Arabia and an organized and methodical purge of dissident individuals, associations and structures competing with the Crown Prince. The cleansing, the elimination of its rivals and the holistic appropriation of power by Mohammed bin Salman are expressed through persistent harassment.

If it is finally confirmed that Khashoggi was captured, tortured and killed by official Saudi bodies, all in an arbitrary and illegal manner, it will mean an operation of flagrant violation of the Turkish criminal code, which could damage the future of Turkish-Saudi relations.  It would leave the government of Ankara able to have a battery of measures to enforce their country against the attitude of Saudi Arabia or, without reaching a degree of hostile hardening, perceive from the House of Al Saud and its monarchy economic and political advantages.

Inclusive, the construction of the image of a moderate Saudi Arabia that Mohammed bin Salman forcibly weaves for the West will be ruined, placing Donald Trump at a crossroads. Here, the American president must choose between accompanying the unsuccessful attempt of certain levels of his Administration – and the Zionists – to cleanse the figure of his Saudi partner or get rid of being damaged by the actions of the Saudis in the Khashoggi case. On the other hand, the Iranian leadership will stress that it was not wrong to denounce the true condition of the prevailing side in the pyramid of Saudi power and the Qatari authorities will want to exploit as much as possible the guilt of his former Saudi partner.

The ‘Rogue Killer Theory’ may prove to come with considerable political risk.

If the Khashoggi case mutates in an earthquake and its treatment reaches the discussion forums of global issues, it will also mean a small, but no less important, complication for Russia and China since the governments of both countries will have to join international reprobation for the crime with the feasible fragmentary undermining of its connections with Riyadh. The unexpected can generate abrupt changes but the circle of Mohammed bin Salman, with the patronage of the government of Israel, guarantees to fight until the end.

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Diego Pappalardo is an international analyst, consultant  and digital journalist from Argentina.


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