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The shocking and destabilizing withdrawal of the U.S from the INF treaty which previously prohibited the use of certain missiles, which are nuclear-capable, has led Russia to understand that the U.S is preparing to make war upon Russia.

Russia has declared now, officially, it is preparing its defenses, and readying its response to any aggression. To that end, Russia’s Ministry of Defense will deploy Samarkand electronic warfare systems in 13 military units, the agency said recently.

The Samarkand system is the world’s most advanced jamming and EMP weapon available. When its weapon is deployed, communications and electronics – including machines and vehicles that rely on electronics (planes, tanks, etc.) no longer function. The U.S presently lags far behind Russia in this area of technology, as well as numerous others. This appears to be due to inefficiencies and corruption in the U.S’s entirely for-profit military industrial complex.

The deployment of the systems will be carried out in strategic positions, including the European region of Kaliningrad, and these should be adopted in service by November 2019.

“This is due to the fact that our partners put Russia in very difficult conditions, considering, in perspective, the withdrawal of the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, as well as the closest approximation of the US attack systems deployed in the Eastern Europe to our borders,” said military analyst Aleksandr Zhilin.

He added that “we cannot work in the same way as the Americans, who in planning do not take into account the safety and prospects of civilians.”

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“We are positioning electronic warfare systems to hamper the actions of the enemy and until the last moment try to avoid the war phase without putting people at risk, including in the countries of Eastern Europe, under whose cover the Americans deploy their systems of attack,” the analyst concluded.

Despite this Russian concern for civilian safety, the US, through its eastern European proxies in Kiev and Warsaw continually to make aggressive rhetoric towards Moscow.

This is especially through Kiev who in Donbass continue a state of a frozen war against the Russian speaking minority who opposed the right-wing coup in 2014 that began to aggressively target minorities in Ukraine, not limited to the Russian minority, but also others such as the Hungarian.

With the threat against Russian minorities in Eastern Europe and NATO encroaching on Russia’s borders, the fortification of Kaliningrad and Russia’s eastern borders need to be fortified with state-of-the-art defense systems like the S-400 missile defense system and the Samarkand electronic warfare systems. It is through Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiatives that he has modernized the Russian military from rusting equipment to technological powerhouse.

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