RUSSIA UPS MILITARY SUPPORT TO VENEZUELA: Weapons Maintenance Database Now Gifted


The U.S campaign against Venezuela has taken many different paths, utilizing different strategies, military, economic, political, and social. More and more recently, the signs that Russia is giving to the west – that it is behind the Venezuelan people and government – seems aimed at rebuffing the ongoing U.S campaign to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic.

To that end, most recently Russia has provided Venezuela with an electronic database that presents information on the state of the country’s armaments stores in real time, said Artiom Kalashián, director of the Russian company Service Solutions Center, part of the Proekt-Technika corporation.

“It’s an electronic database called Grafit and developed by Russia to keep information on the state of weapons and war material,” Kalashián explained.

He commented that Grafit also allows real-time military commanders to be briefed on any issues related to the armaments stores.

“To adjust this database to the needs of Venezuela, we travel all over the country, register all their weapons and automate the maintenance services, tasks that took us two months,” he said.

As a result, Kalashián emphasized, the Venezuelan Defense Minister was able to know the real state of the armament stores in his country and obtained the list with the analysis of the technical problems detected.

“Grafit is a database that includes mobile and desktop applications, allowing managers to know where in the country the teams are, what their terms of service are, what specific problems they have, and when the maintenance brigade will come,” Kalashián said.

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The suffocating situation in which Venezuela has been found, largely due to economic sanctions, has made the country even consider calling for a foreign, but friendly military contingent on its territory.

Nowadays, Venezuela continues its fight for never again being a “backyard” of bigger powers, as it used to be in the past by the US.

Recently, Caracas has even become the target of threats of military intervention, only because its government to follow a path that does not please foreign interests.

Moreover, in the midst of this struggle, Venezuela has also become the victim of a severe economic war, with the risk of being subject to more and more sanctions.

In this context, the government of the Latin American country, considering its risks, considers different options to protect itself. In the past, there have been voices in favor of installing a foreign military base on Venezuelan soil as a deterrent. In particular, it was discussed the possibility of placing a Russian contingent in the country.

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