Russians living in Brazil tell of their fears and hopes in the possible election of Bolsonaro


What do the Russians naturalized in Brazil think about the possible arrival of Jair Bolsonaro in power? A few of the 200,000 Russian residents in the country were consulted to find out the answer.

An employee of the Eslava Culture Center in Rio de Janeiro, Valeria, confesses that, for now, her countrymen in Brazil do not know what their future case will be if the PSL candidate wins in the second round.

“There are people who are afraid that Bolsonaro will impose a dictatorship in the country and that there will be arrests and murders without reason,” she said.

“It’s true that Bolsonaro is very tough, but it’s hard to say what he’s really going to do when he comes to power. As for relations with Russia, I did not hear anything about it in his election program,” she continued.

Already according to Dmitry Lobkov, president of the Association of Russian Conterrâneos in Paraná and Curitiba, in general, the Russians naturalized Brazil have a very good attitude towards Bolsonaro.

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“He represents the far right, does not stifle his hatred for left-wing ideas and for all who propagate them. If he comes to power, we must wait for a new ‘witch hunt’ and demolish many democratic achievements. However, many Brazilians support him because they are tired of living in a country where the streets are controlled by thugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, among the foreign policy priorities of the candidate’s program were listed the following measures – the refusal to cooperate economically with authoritarian regimes and to have closer ties with the US, Italy and Israel.

“As examples to follow in the sphere of science, technology and innovations were Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. As for the countries of the BRICS group, where in addition to Brazil there are Russia, India, China and South Africa, he has not made a word,” noted Lobkov.

However, the interviewee says that Russia and the other BRICS countries continue with real prospects of economic cooperation with Brasilia even in the case of the Bolsonaro election, as it manifests itself by the abolition of Petrobras’ monopoly in the natural gas market, which opens new opportunities for Moscow.

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