Scaring Moscow with “Trident Juncture” grand NATO maneuvers will cost German taxpayers 103 million USD

Half of cost will go direct to host country Norway


Ntv Berlin:
The involvement of the Bundeswehr in the “Trident Juncture” NATO maneuvers will cost German taxpayers around 90 million euros (= 103.31 million dollars). More than half of the money is going to the host country Norway, where, among other things, food and provisions for field camps have to be paid. The remainder is scheduled for the return transport of personnel and materials, as the Ministry of Defense announced.

With these grand maneuvers from Thursday onwards, NATO plans to send a deterrent signal to Russia and train for the so-called “alliance case.” This could be invoked if one or more of the 29 member states were attacked by an opponent. As a result, then the other Allies would have to assist

The exercise, with around 50,000 soldiers, is the largest event of its kind since the end of the Cold War. Germany is participating with around 10,000 soldiers, 8,000 of whom will be there in Norway. The German Bundeswehr is the second largest troop contributor after host nation Norway. The fact that the Bundeswehr is so heavily involved is mainly due to the fact that it is to take over the leadership of the rapid reaction force of NATO beginning in 2019.

“Conscious pioneering role”
The so-called VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force) was set up in response to the Ukraine crisis and is also an element of the deterrence strategy against Russia, which has received much attention since 2014. At that time, Russia had incorporated the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and started supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Poland and the Baltic allies Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia especially consider their big neighbor unpredictable.
For Germany, the maneuver is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the US government under President Donald Trump that it is ready to take more responsibility for the security of Europe. Because Trump ever since his inauguration has been calling for significantly higher defense spending by the federal government and has even threatened a NATO exit, should the European allies no longer make efforts in the field. “Germany deliberately takes on a pioneering role,” said a Defense Ministry spokesman on the strong involvement in “Trident Juncture”. The exercise is essentially about international cooperation. “This is a demanding task, especially when troops from many nations are to cooperate on a larger scale,” he said.
Of the comments, this was the translator’s favorite:

“90 Million euros to kick Putin in the shin!

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Haaa, what fun! Could you actually film that shit?

Spielberg – is he still alive? – and the film would bring in double, if Clooney and Leo were in it. Then they’d film in Babelsberg [a German cinema center –tr] and everyone is happy! Nobody knows exactly what all the banging is about.. but no matter, that’s going to be nice in Norway.

Will Putin himself do a cameo as a guest star? Are there any stage front tickets at Rheinmetall?”

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